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NYC SWIM - John DaPrato


John DaPrato

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Gender: Male
Swim Coaches: Brian Robinson
Swim Teams: Chelsea Piers

About John

In 2008, after years of doing local open water swim competitions and triathlons, I committed myself to take-on (and write about) adventurous, cold water marathon swims in far away places.

To sum up succinctly, in 2008, I finished Alaska's 8.2 mile "Pennock Island Challenge," - my 11 page Alaska adventure essay can be read at-- ...In 2009, 2010, I completed San Francisco's "Bridge to Bridge 10k Swim" twice. In 2010, my longtime goal of finishing the historic "Boston Light Swim" was realized when I touched warm, sweet L Street sand. My 2009 unsuccessful Boston Light attempt resulted in my widely published essay/story/ebook, "North to the Boston Light" -- ... In 2011, I was one of 11 marathon swimmers to finish the revival or the resurrection of the "Great Salt Lake Open Water Marathon Swim." In 2013, I swam across the Strait of Gibraltar -- my swim was the 420th non-wetsuit, one-way (Spain -Morocco) crossing since 1928.

In my point of view, a swimmer can experience real drama doing long, cold swims at sea not only because the environment can change in a heartbeat but a swimmer's mental and physical condition can also change in a flash, and, yes, new and different bodies of water create unique challenges for a swimmer. To be true, it's hard for me to think of some other sport or activity that could compare to cold open-water swimming. That said, my motto is: "Have swimsuit, goggles and GU (energy gel), will travel."

One of my swimming poems:

As for my work on dry land, I run my own British classic car book internet business and I'm under contract with various colleges as a speech (public speaking) lecturer. I'm also writing short stories and poetry (mostly about swimming adventures) after a long break (I was a poet/writer and ocean lifeguard in my Montauk years). Here is another poem:

Back to open-water and to sum up: yes, I've done a lot of events over the years but the past few seasons have been the most challenging and the most rewarding for me.. Presently, the stars appear to be perfectly aligned-- I am one of many NYC swimmers connecting with both NYC SWIM and CIBBOWS at a time when open-water swimming is getting a lot of attention -- one might call it an "Open Water Swimming Movement!" So, yes, it's great to be part of the NYC swimming scene, and, yes, it's great to be a part of the "Global Swimming Movement."... As for the future, I plan to seek swimming adventures at home and in far-away places next year and beyond...

"My travel book is open wide, ocean adventures are on the list, and, hey, the high seas will always wait for me."... ~ by me, jd..

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Swim History

Relay History

Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Strait of Gibraltar10/16/135:16:0014.4 KSApprovedViewTarifaOWS
Montauk Ocean Swim Challenge07/28/121:57:182 M50ApprovedMontauk (Ditch Plains BeaOWS
Nubble Light Challenge07/14/121:47:032.4 M134ApprovedYorkOWS
John Boyd Memorial Swim08/07/1127:321 M55ApprovedSeaside HeightsOWS
Montauk Ocean Swim Challenge07/23/111:44:002 M45ApprovedMontauk (Ditch Plains BeaOWS
Great Salt Lake Marathon Swim06/11/115:04:318 M9ApprovedSalt Lake CityOWS
Boston Light08/14/104:23:448 M20ApprovedBostonOWS
SF Bay Bridge to Bridge07/11/101:52:2010 K37ApprovedSan FranciscoOWS
SF Bay Bridge to Bridge10/17/092:00:3210 K31ApprovedSan FranciscoOWS
John Daly Sr. Ocean Swim09/06/0935:541 M160ApprovedLong BeachOWS
Rockland Breakwater Swim08/29/0951:361.6 M17ApprovedRocklandOWS
Grimaldo's Mile08/17/0838:021 M123ApprovedConey IslandOWS
Pennock Island Challenge08/10/084:43:108.2 M17ApprovedKetchikanOWS
Grimaldo's Mile08/05/0732:301 M124ApprovedConey IslandOWS
Fran Schnarr Memorial07/14/074:42:2510 K54ApprovedHuntingtonOWS
Alcatraz Sharkfest09/16/0646:051.5 M330ApprovedSan FranciscoOWS
Grimaldo's Mile07/23/0628:311 M32ApprovedConey IslandOWS
Alcatraz Swim with the Centurion09/18/0445:441.3 M119ApprovedSan FranciscoOWS

Relay History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Boston Light
  Coney Island Stowaways (3p)
08/10/134:24:198 M4ApprovedBostonOWS
Boston Light
  Chill Factor (3p)
08/18/124:01:218 M6ApprovedBostonOWS
Boston Light
  Icebreakers (2p)
08/13/114:09:208 M4ApprovedBostonOWS

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Boston Light08/08/094:32:008 MPCApprovedBostonOWS

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Volunteer History

Manhattan Island Marathon Swim08/01/15ApprovedBoat Observer: Markus Marty 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim "06/28/14ApprovedBoat Observer: Abigail Fairman 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/14/14ApprovedBoat Observer: Mark Spratt 
Ederle Swim08/18/13ApprovedBoat Observer: Solly Weiler 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/23/12ApprovedBoat Observer: Vanessa Hammond 
Ederle Swim10/01/11ApprovedBoat Observer: Capri Djatiasmoro 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/18/11ApprovedBoat Observer: Victoria Moore 
Ederle Swim10/26/08ApprovedBoat Observer 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/13/08ApprovedStart/Finish 
Stars & Stripes: Aquathlon and S07/13/08ApprovedStart/Finish 
Ederle Swim10/06/07ApprovedBoat Observer: Stephen Junk 

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