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NYC SWIM - Lisa Delaurentis


Lisa Delaurentis

Hometown: Perth
Gender: Female

About Lisa

Hi, my name is Lisa Delaurentis. I am from Perth, Western Australia and I'm a keen open water swimmer and endurance triathlete. I have competed in several half and full ironman races internationally over the past 10 years and successfully swam solo rottnest channel crossings for the past 6 years, previously competing in duos and teams. In swimming - my ultimate challenge peaked last year, heading across to complete the English Channel swim solo - which I finished in 10 hours 34. I thrive on a new challenge and am easily inspired by friends and family to whom I share these memories with :) Aside from chasing dreams, my day job is consumed in a white coat - I am a pharmacist in Subiaco and enjoy helping people improve their own health. Thank you for such an opportunity, I am looking forward to the journey ahead :)

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Swim History

Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/08/138:01:1928.5 M8Agreed to Fundraise Breast Cancer Care WA ($20.00)
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Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Catalina Channel09/26/1310:10:3520 MSApprovedViewSan PedroOWS
Rottnest Channel Swim02/23/135:10:1219.7 K9ApprovedViewCottesloe BeachOWS
Tower to Tower Swim Thru12/15/1224:461.8 K41ApprovedPerthOWS
Ironman Western Australia12/09/1250:452.4 M14ApprovedBusseltonTRI
Ironman Melbourne03/25/1252:352.4 M43ApprovedViewMelbourneTRI
Rottnest Channel Swim02/25/124:56:4419.7 K8ApprovedViewCottesloe BeachOWS
English Channel (CSA)07/25/1110:34:0021 MSApprovedViewDoverOWS
Rottnest Solo Channel Swim06/26/116:14:3019.7 KSApprovedCottesloe BeachOWS
Rottnest Channel Swim02/26/115:56:5919.7 K27ApprovedCottesloe BeachOWS
WA Open Water Swim Series02/01/111:15:055 K51ApprovedLeighton BeachOWS
WA Open Water Swim Series12/12/102:37:3010 K12ApprovedChampion LakesOWS
Ironman Canada08/29/1054:272.4 M61ApprovedPentictonTRI
Rottnest Channel Swim02/20/105:47:5019.7 K23ApprovedCottesloe BeachOWS
Rottnest Channel Swim02/21/095:47:3119.7 K21ApprovedCottesloe BeachOWS
Ironman Western Australia12/07/0854:582.4 M47ApprovedBusseltonTRI
Rottnest Channel Swim02/16/085:47:3419.7 K20ApprovedCottesloe BeachOWS
WA Open Water Swim Series11/24/072:55:2710 K18ApprovedSorrento BeachOWS
Rottnest Channel Swim03/17/075:48:4719.7 K7ApprovedCottesloe BeachOWS

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