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NYC SWIM - Abhejali Bernardova


Abhejali Bernardova

Hometown: Zlin, Czech Republic
Gender: Female

About Abhejali

I love sports, especially running and swimming, but almost any sport is very relaxing for me. As a kid I used to swim, mainly breaststroke. When I was 18 I became a member of Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team. The main motto of the team is self-transcendence and it very easily became my motto as well. I started running more, and moved from shorter races to longer ones, the longest so far being 6-day race in NY when I did 385 miles. When I found out that many members of Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team swam the English Channel, I think the seed was already planted. I did a few Zurich lake relay swims and then became a part of English Channel relay in 2009. Next year I ran my favourite World Harmony Run (this time in US) and 2011 I found myself swimming from England to France, although I remember very clearly telling my friends to stop me if I ever wanted to do a solo swim :-) Once you start you are caught. Especially when there are so many ways you can transcend yourself. Ive been a vegetarian for over 16 years. Also Im very excited that the founder of our team, Sri Chinmoy, will be inaugurated this year into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame! A great person who inspired not only me but many others to be the best they can be.

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Swim History

Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Lake Zurich Marathon Swim08/04/139:21:2726.4 K26ApprovedZurichOWS
Lake Zurich Marathon Swim08/07/118:54:4526.4 K18ApprovedViewZurichOWS
English Channel (CS&PF)07/28/1114:37:4221 MSApprovedViewDoverOWS
Lake Zurich Marathon Swim08/08/108:28:0026.4 K19ApprovedViewZurichOWS

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Kayak Swim Support Clinic06/16/12ApprovedClinic Support Swimmer 

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