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NYC SWIM - Carol Cashell


Carol Cashell

Hometown: Cork, Ireland
Gender: Female

About Carol

I am a pool swimmer for Dolphin Masters (in the winter!) and Open Water swimmer (in the summer!). It is Ireland After all :) Completed Lake Zurich Swim in 2012, and part of a 2-Way English Channel Relay, Crosoige Mara (Starfish) for July 2013.

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Swim History

Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/08/137:46:5928.5 M Agreed to Fundraise Down Syndrome Ireland ($120.00)
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Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/24/111:34:3110 K44 

Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Sandycove Island Challenge09/15/1222:491.8 K6ApprovedKinsaleOWS
Lake Zurich Marathon Swim08/05/127:39:1226.4 K4ApprovedZurichOWS
Beginish Island Swim07/21/121:22:556.5 K4ApprovedValentia IslandOWS
Lee Swim07/14/1224:012 K4ApprovedCorkOWS
Martin Duggan07/01/1230:392 K2ApprovedFermoyOWS
Myrtleville To ChurchBay06/24/1232:252 K4ApprovedCorkOWS
GaddinAbtGarnish06/09/121:10:035 K4ApprovedGlerngarriffOWS
GaddinAbtGarnish09/11/111:11:005 K1ApprovedGlerngarriffOWS
Lee Swim07/30/1126:372 K7ApprovedCorkOWS
Beginish Island Swim07/16/111:53:527.5 K3ApprovedValentia IslandOWS
Cork to Cobh10/04/103:43:1216 K1ApprovedCorkOWS
Sandycove Island Challenge09/18/1023:001.8 K5ApprovedKinsaleOWS
Speckled Door to Sandycove Swim09/04/101:09:215 K1ApprovedSpeckled DoorOWS
Masters World Championships08/07/1041:103 K207ApprovedGoteborgOWS
Lee Swim07/24/1027:302 K18ApprovedCorkOWS
Dunmore East Ironman Swim07/02/1059:593.8 K3ApprovedDunmore EastOWS

Relay History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

English Channel (CS&PF)
  Team Crosóige Mara (6p)
07/09/1320:29:0042 MSApprovedDoverOWS

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