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NYC SWIM - Charlotte Brynn


Charlotte Brynn

Hometown: Stowe, Vermont
Gender: Female

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Swim History

Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Lake Willoughby Swim08/17/132:05:384.8 M3ApprovedLake WilloughbyOWS
Kingdom Swim07/06/134:33:4410 M12ApprovedNewportOWS
One Hour Postal Championship20131:00:004665 YNAApprovedJohn Jay College;Midtown POOL
Kingdom Swim07/07/124:32:1910 M10ApprovedNewportOWS
GaddinAbtGarnish06/09/121:14:205 K10ApprovedGlerngarriffOWS
In Search of Memphre09/11/1114:40:0025 M2ApprovedNewportOWS
Boston Light08/13/113:06:508 M3ApprovedBostonOWS
Open Water National Championship06/18/117:00:0125 K15ApprovedNoblesvilleOWS
Flat River Reservoir Champion's 09/26/102:39:2310 K1ApprovedCoventryOWS
Lake Willoughby Swim08/21/102:09:504.8 M1ApprovedLake WilloughbyOWS
Kingdom Swim07/24/104:42:0010 M20ApprovedNewportOWS
Open Water National Championship07/17/102:39:2610 K30ApprovedNoblesvilleOWS
Betsy Ownes Memorial Lake Swim08/15/0946:472 M15ApprovedLake PlacidOWS
Kingdom Swim07/25/091:16:573 M2ApprovedNewportOWS

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