Erica Rose

Hometown: Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Gender: Female

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Swim History

Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Big Shoulders09/10/111:04:045 K17ApprovedChicagoOWS
Harbor Springs Coastal Crawl08/01/101:01:043 M1ApprovedHarbor SpringsOWS
Open Water National Championship08/01/092:22:4410 K2ApprovedHarbor SpringsOWS
USA National Championships06/05/052:07:1910 K13ApprovedFt MyersOWS
USA National Championships06/02/056:04:4525 K7ApprovedFt MyersOWS
Alcatraz Sharkfest09/20/0325:391.5 M1ApprovedSan FranciscoOWS
USA National Championships06/15/034:20:0725 K4ApprovedFt MyersOWS
USA National Championships07/08/022:11:2310 K3ApprovedFt MyersOWS
USA National Championships06/24/012:05:2110 K6ApprovedFt MyersOWS
USA National Championships08/16/9846:495 K9ApprovedFt MyersOWS
USA National Championships08/02/9752:185 K6ApprovedFt MyersOWS

National/International Swim Competition History

NameDateTimeDistancePlaceCityUS StateCountry
World Championships05/10/0805:20:00:0025K14 Seville Spain
Capri Napoli World Cup07/31/0707:55:00:0036K4 Naples Italy
Traversee du Lac Memphramagog07/14/0709:00:00:0034K2 Magog Canada
Traversee du Lac St. Jean07/01/0708:45:00:0032K4 Roberval Canada
Rosario Grand Prix02/14/0703:10:00:0021K2 Rosario Argentina
Hernandarias Parana02/07/0709:55:00:0088K3 Parana Argentina
Santa Fe Coronda02/01/0709:00:00:0057K3 Santa Fe Argentina
Capril Napoli World Cup07/31/0607:50:00:0036K4 Naples Italy
World Championships07/01/0605:15:00:0025K4 Naples Italy
World Championships07/01/0602:05:00:0010K10 Naples Italy
Traversee du Lac St. Jean07/01/0608:30:00:0032K1 Roberval Canada
Pan American Championships05/03/0602:00:00:0010K1 Salinas Ecuador
Pan American Championships05/01/0600:58:00:005K1 Salinas Ecuador
Traversee du Lac Memphramagog07/14/0509:00:00:0034K4 Magog Canada
Traversee du Lac St. Jean07/01/0509:40:00:0032K6 Roberval Canada
World Championships07/01/0505:30:00:0025K9 Montreal Canada
World Championships07/01/0502:05:00:0010K9 Montreal Canada
Rosario Grand Prix02/14/0503:15:00:0021K7 Rosario Argentina
Hernandarias Parana02/07/0510:05:00:0088K6 Parana Argentina
Santa Fe Coronda02/01/0509:00:00:0057K7 Santa Fe Argentina
World Championships12/01/0402:00:00:0010K16 Dubai United Arab Emirates
World Championships12/01/0405:30:00:0025K11 Dubai United Arab Emirates
Traversee du Lac Memphramagog07/14/0409:55:00:0034K8 Magog Canada
Pan American Championships05/01/0400:58:00:005K1 Playa Blanca Panama
Pan American Championships05/01/0402:00:00:0010K1 Playa Blanca Panama
World Championships07/01/0302:00:00:0010K11 Barcelona Spain
World Championships07/03/0100:59:00:005K7 Fukuoka Japan
World Championships07/01/0102:05:00:0010K14 Fukuoka Japan
Pan Pacific Championships01/01/9900:58:00:005K1 Morewell Australia
World Championships01/07/9800:58:23:005K1 Perth Australia

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Photographer: Rose, Erica, 09/05/2010
Uploaded: Rose, Erica, 10/30/2010
Erica after a training swim in Duck Lake, Michigan
Users: Rose, Erica
Photographer: Rose, Erica, 02/01/2007
Uploaded: Rose, Erica, 10/31/2010
Erica Training in Argentina
Users: Rose, Erica
Photographer: Rose, Erica
Uploaded: Rose, Erica, 10/31/2010
Erica in Italy, Worlds 2006
Users: Rose, Erica
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