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NYC SWIM - Oliver Wilkinson


Oliver Wilkinson

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Gender: Male

About Oliver Swimming Results 2009/2010 2009: BLDSA events Champion of Champions, 28th June (9miles) 1st Lake Windermere 2-way, 8-9th Aug (33km) 1st Lynn Regis, 26th Sep (3miles) - 1st Course record English Channel Crossing 11hrs, 6min. 1500m Freestyle 17.03.90 sec. Ranked 5th in world in Masters 2010: Bloody Big Swim, 31st Jan, 11.3km, 1st non-wetsuit, 3rd overall Rottnest Channel Swim, 21st Feb, 20km, 6th overall, 1st non-speedsuit swimmer Williamstown, 26th Jan, 2km 2nd (30-39) Bonbeach Mar, - 1st overall, Port Macquarie, 500m and 1km ocean swims 27th March, 1st in both. Maui Channel Swim 4th Oct, (16km) 4hrs 9min. Brighton Sea Baths Winter Mile, 2nd Overall, Kukio Blue Water Swim 2nd Oct, (1.2mile) 1st, course record.

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Swim History

Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Lake Windermere (BLDSA) - Event08/31/134:30:3610.5 M2ApprovedLake DistrictOWS
Lake Zurich Marathon Swim08/04/136:56:3626.4 K1ApprovedZurichOWS
Eton Swim05/27/132:05:1610 K1ApprovedEtonOWS
Lake Windermere (BLDSA) - Event09/01/123:57:4910.5 M1ApprovedLake DistrictOWS
Torbay07/14/121:41:374 M1ApprovedTorquayOWS
Champion of Champions06/16/123:57:329 M3ApprovedDoverOWS
Lake Windermere (BLDSA) - Event09/03/113:51:4510.5 M1ApprovedLake DistrictOWS
Rottnest Channel Swim02/26/114:56:0019.7 K2ApprovedCottesloe BeachOWS
Bloody Big Swim01/29/112:09:5411.2 K1ApprovedFrankstonOWS
Rottnest Channel Swim02/20/105:05:0019.7 K6ApprovedViewCottesloe BeachOWS
Bloody Big Swim01/30/102:24:0011.2 K3ApprovedFrankstonOWS
English Channel (CS&PF)09/08/0911:06:0021 MSApprovedDoverOWS
Lake Windermere (BLDSA) - Event08/08/099:15:0021 M1ApprovedViewLake DistrictOWS

User-Provided Event History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Auau Channel - L/M (Staged)10/04/104:09:009.9 MSApprovedLanai to MauiOWS

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