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NYC SWIM - Sarah Thomas


Sarah Thomas

Hometown: McKinney. Texas
Gender: Female

About Sarah

Sarah started swimming before she can remember, and her earliest memories are of playing in swimming pools and lakes. She joined a swim team for the first time at the age of 6, after begging to move up from swim lessons. She has swum competitively through age group, high school, college, and now occasionally with masters. In 2007, she found her passion in the open water and hasn't gotten out since. She has swum several 10k and shorter races over the last few years. In 2010, Sarah swam her first major channel: The Catalina Channel. Since then, she has gone on to swim MIMS (2011), Tampa Bay (2012), the English Channel (2012), Lake Tahoe-Double (2013), and Lake Memphremagog- Double (2013).

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Swim History

Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Postal Championship20102:24:5810 KNAApprovedPostalPOOL
Horsetooth Reservoir Swim08/15/102:31:4310 K2ApprovedFort CollinsOWS
Catalina Channel07/26/109:06:0020 MSApprovedSan PedroOWS
Open Water National Championship06/19/101:22:246 K7ApprovedWindsorOWS
Horsetooth Reservoir Swim08/16/092:20:0610 K2ApprovedFort CollinsOWS
Horsetooth Reservoir Swim08/10/082:26:5010 K1ApprovedFort CollinsOWS
Horsetooth Reservoir Swim08/12/072:39:0810 K5ApprovedFort CollinsOWS

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