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NYC SWIM - Marilee Kiernan


Marilee Kiernan

Hometown: Bronxville, New York
Gender: Female

About Marilee

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Swim History

Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Cold Water Challenge11/02/131:04:432.6 M10ApprovedFairfieldOWS
Westchester Triathlon09/29/1324:090.9 M30ApprovedViewRyeTRI
Nantucket Triathlon07/20/137:090.3 M327ApprovedNantucketTRI
Big Shoulders09/10/111:11:105 K66ApprovedChicagoOWS
8 Bridges (multi-stage/days)07/10/114:42:2613.2 M3ApprovedMid-Hudson Bridge to BeacOWS
Bermuda Round the Sound10/17/102:30:2310 K18ApprovedHarrington ParishOWS
Big Shoulders09/11/101:22:005 K75ApprovedChicagoOWS
Strait of Gibraltar06/21/103:12:0014.4 KSApprovedTarifaOWS

Relay History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Sleepy Hollow Triathlon
  V Team 1 (3p)
06/24/1212:520.5 M2ApprovedSleepy HollowTRI

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Volunteer History

Multisport Triathlon Symposium &03/31/12ApprovedExpo Volunteer (Day 1) 

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