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NYC SWIM - Gretchen Sanders


Gretchen Sanders

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Gender: Female

About Gretchen

I'm a New Orleans native who grew up splashing around the bayous of South Louisiana. I did year-round age group swimming until high school and loved to compete in the IM. Now I live in Austin, Texas, where I am a social worker and a member of Longhorn Aquatics master swim team. I hate to be far away from the water, so I try to swim five times a week. Since I'm happiest when I'm outside, open water swimming suits me well. I also enjoy swimming in Austin's famous spring fed pool--Barton Springs. With its wildlife, irregular shape, length and depth, this watering hole feels more like open water than a pool. I like to mix up my fitness regimen by running between 12 and 18 miles a week. On top of that, I bike to work because I love to feel the wind on my face. I live for fitness and the great outdoors but swimming is my first love.

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Swim History

Relay History

Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Cap 2K05/04/0836:282 K50ApprovedAustinOWS
Polar Bear Swim01/01/0716:300.8 M3ApprovedAustinOWS
Dam 5K11/04/061:15:415 K12ApprovedAustinOWS
Cap 2K05/07/0637:272 K55ApprovedAustinOWS

Relay History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Lake Travis Relay
  No T-Texcuses (6p)
10/13/075:11:4312 M8ApprovedAustinOWS
Lake Travis Relay
  TTextrogen (6p)
10/14/065:11:2412 M14ApprovedAustinOWS
Lake Travis Relay
  Wild Bill and the TTexas Honky Tonks (6p)
10/15/055:02:3812 M8ApprovedAustinOWS

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