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NYC SWIM - Amanda Hunt


Amanda Hunt

Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Gender: Female

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Swim History

Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/12/108:59:4628.5 M Agreed to Fundraise American Macular Degeneration foundation ($771.00)
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Manhattan Island "Quiet" Swim - 07/24/098:36:2628.5 M  
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/06/09Did Not Finish28.5 M Agreed to Fundraise Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ($1,775.00)
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Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/13/081:18:285.85 M72 

Relay History

Manhattan Island Marathon Swim
  Ca-Lor Slo-Mos (3p)
06/23/12 28.5 M Agreed to Fundraise Swim Free ($2,318.00)
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Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Swim the Suck10/06/124:43:1110 M44ApprovedChattanoogaOWS
Postal Championship20113:20:3610 KNAApprovedPostalPOOL
Swim the Suck10/16/104:09:0010 M5ApprovedChattanoogaOWS
Postal Championship20103:07:3710 KNAApprovedPostalPOOL
Kingdom Swim07/24/105:51:4710 M53ApprovedNewportOWS
Big Shoulders09/12/091:24:455 K14ApprovedChicagoOWS
Bonaire Ecoswim12/06/083:11:2310 K3ApprovedBonaireOWS
Bermuda Round the Sound10/19/083:29:3810 K28ApprovedHarrington ParishOWS
Tropical Splash OW Swim10/04/081:38:365 K14ApprovedSarasotaOWS
Big Shoulders09/06/081:28:155 K269ApprovedChicagoOWS
Around Key West06/21/086:01:4112.5 M21ApprovedKey WestOWS
Lee Swim06/18/0833:062 K5ApprovedCorkOWS
Hurricane Man05/10/081:19:292.4 M100ApprovedSt Pete BeachOWS
Swim Miami04/12/083:22:1910 K20ApprovedMiamiOWS
Bonaire Ecoswim11/10/071:50:185 K18ApprovedBonaireOWS
Bermuda Round the Sound10/21/073:21:1510 K37ApprovedHarrington ParishOWS
Ironman Wisconsin09/09/071:07:292.4 M406ApprovedMadisonTRI
Bonaire Ecoswim11/05/052:59:2410 K11ApprovedBonaireOWS
Big Shoulders09/10/051:35:105 K135ApprovedChicagoOWS
Big Shoulders09/11/041:45:055 K209ApprovedChicagoOWS

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