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NYC SWIM - Lisa Neidrauer


Lisa Neidrauer

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Gender: Female
Swim Teams: University of Toronto Masters

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Swim History

Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/24/111:32:5810 K29 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim07/05/087:53:2528.5 M7Agreed to Fundraise SwimFree ($518.00)
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Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

OW National Championship08/11/122:53:1410 K4ApprovedTorontoOWS
8 Bridges (multi-stage/days)06/26/125:47:0519.8 M3ApprovedKingston Rhinecliff BridgOWS
8 Bridges (multi-stage/days)07/11/115:35:0015.2 M4ApprovedBeacon-Newburgh Bridge toOWS
8 Bridges (multi-stage/days)07/08/115:39:0018.3 M2ApprovedRip Van Winkle to KingstoOWS
Lake Ontario Swim Team Annual08/14/1058:003.8 K5ApprovedOakvilleOWS
Kingdom Swim07/25/094:25:1910 M3ApprovedNewportOWS
Fort Lauderdale Rough Water Swim01/03/091:14:155 K14ApprovedFort LauderdaleOWS
Ontario Provincial09/09/071:12:595 K8ApprovedSt. MaryOWS
YMCA Lake Champlain Swim08/05/063:51:008 M1ApprovedBurlingtonOWS
Ontario Provincial09/11/051:16:065 K5ApprovedSt. Mary'sOWS
Fran Schnarr Memorial07/10/042:45:1510 K15ApprovedHuntingtonOWS
Postal Championship20021:14:495 KNAApprovedPostalPOOL
One Hour Postal Championship20021:00:004545 YNAApprovedPostalPOOL
St. Croix Swim10/28/012:09:395 M32ApprovedSt. CroixOWS
One Hour Postal Championship19991:00:004450 YNAApprovedPostalPOOL
Point Lookout Ocean Mile07/18/9821:061 M13ApprovedPoint LookoutOWS
One Hour Postal Championship19981:00:004180 YNAApprovedPostalPOOL

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