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NYC SWIM - Karel Starek


Karel Starek

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado
Gender: Male

About Karel

A former Kenyon College Division III All-American swimmer and USS coach of the Boulder Poseidons. After a 20-year layoff from training, Karel has recently returned to the pool and enjoys mixing it up in masters' practice with Boulder's best pro triathletes.

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Relay History

Manhattan Island Marathon Swim
  Vicelords (6p)
06/06/097:12:0128.5 M1Agreed to Fundraise Watershed School ($3,475.00)
       See Donors
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim
  ViceLords (6p)
07/05/087:30:3128.5 M2Agreed to Fundraise CAN ($10,200.00)
       See Donors
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim
  ViceLords (6p)
06/16/078:38:5328.5 M  

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