Events Manhattan Island Marathon Swim

Great Hudson River 2.8 Mile Swim (organized until 2004)

The GHRS consists of a 2.8 Mile swim from the 79th Street Boat Basin to the Pier 62 at 23rd Street on the west side of Manhattan in the Hudson river. The swim requires a major commitment to proper training and open water experience. You may experience strong currents during the swim. Motorized Boats with special flags will mark the course line from the start to the finish.

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Gallagher, DouglasMale21New York, New York101:03:47:00
Valentin, RobertMale27Woodhaven, New York201:10:21:00
Davis, GuyMale38Riverside, Connecticut301:11:05:00
Steadman Martin, NancyFemale43Oceanport, New Jersey401:11:39:00
Gallagher, DruryMale58Manhasset, New York501:11:59:00
Gebhardt, ChrisMale23Fort Lee, New Jersey601:12:08:00
Weekes, PamelaFemale35New York, New York701:12:49:00
Chestler, StevenMale41Great Neck, New York801:13:07:00
Willett, ScottMale35New Paltz, New York901:13:42:00
10 Hagin, GregoryMale35New York, New York1001:14:21:00
11 Miller, BruceMale38Rye, New York1101:16:27:00
12 Lowy, KennMale40Brooklyn, New York1201:16:34:00
13 Brawer, RonMale54New York, New York1301:17:25:00
14 Adamson, DuncanMale27Burlington, Vermont1401:17:54:00
15 Robison, PatriciaFemale41New York, New York1501:19:20:00
16 Riley, EdwardMale38New York, New York1601:19:24:00
17 Hutto, JoeMale45Long Valley, New Jersey1701:19:40:00
18 Russo, ReginaFemale42White Plains, New York1801:19:57:00
19 Botha, TedMale35New York, New York1901:21:01:00
20 Tyler, BrianMale37New York, New York2001:21:18:00
21 Burke, EileenFemale34New York, New York2101:22:05:00
22 Bartram, JohnMale37W. LONG BRANCH, New Jersey2201:22:23:00
23 Dressel, DennisMale4Winchester Center, Connecticut2301:22:59:00
24 Moody, PeterMale54Woodbury, Connecticut2401:23:34:00
25 Arenas, JosephMale29Maple Shade, New Jersey2501:23:41:00
26 Thompson, GregMale29Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey2601:25:41:00
27 Scannavino, MartineFemale35New York, New York2701:26:08:00
28 Bowman, SusanFemale41New York, New York2801:26:12:00
29 Zimmerman, SusanneFemale34W. LONG BRANCH, New Jersey2901:26:45:00
30 Conover, KennethMale48Riverside, Connecticut3001:26:53:00
31 Bolton, RichardMale56Greenwich, Connecticut3101:30:24:00
32 Wells, JonathanMale32New York, New York3201:32:02:00
33 Berkov, ChristoMale51New York, New York3301:32:05:00
34 Gray, JamesMale61Chevy Chase, Maryland3401:43:06:00
35 Wolfe, IraMale54North Bergen, New Jersey3501:55:22:00

Did Not Finish