Events Manhattan Island Marathon Swim

Great Hudson River 2.8 Mile Swim (organized until 2004)

A 2.8 Mile swim from the 79th Street Boat Basin to the Pier 62 at 23rd Street on the Westside of Manhattan in the Hudson River. The official finish line is at the far side Pier 62 at 23rd Street. Swimmers will finish by touching the Gangway ladder. The swim requires a major commitment to proper training. You may experience strong currents during the swim.

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Wilkinson, JonMale27Portsmouth, New Hampshire100:39:36:00
Jotz, JeffreyMale29Rahway, New Jersey200:41:22:00
Kulczychi, GeorgeMale20Vero Beach, Florida300:41:25:00
Chevres, LarryMale29New York, New York400:41:38:00
Steadman Martin, NancyFemale45Oceanport, New Jersey500:41:55:00
Valentin, RobertMale29Woodhaven, New York600:42:13:00
Bounds, DarrenMale19Lincoln, NE700:42:15:00
Willett, ScottMale37New Paltz, New York800:43:23:00
Lowy, KennMale42Brooklyn, New York900:43:36:00
10 Gibbons, VanessaFemale28New York, New York1000:44:09:00
11 Bothwell, DorothyFemale34Jackson Heights, New York1100:44:25:00
12 Hepworth, MarcMale27New York, New York1200:45:22:00
13 Flavin, DennisMale49Holbrook, New York1300:45:39:00
14 Tuck-Sherman, CedricMale37New York, New York1400:45:41:00
15 Falk, AbigailFemale38New York, New York1500:45:47:00
16 Timoney, MichaelMale33New York, New York1600:45:49:00
17 Springer, PhyllisFemale50New York, New York1700:45:52:00
18 Denny, JulieFemale32New York, New York1800:45:54:00
19 Rothbaum, MarkMale50Redding, Connecticut1900:46:03:00
20 Raymond, JoshuaMale33Somerset, New Jersey2000:46:22:00
21 White, JenniferFemale34Ann Arbor, Michigan2100:46:34:00
22 Tyler, BrianMale39New York, New York2200:46:47:00
23 Schnick, JenniferFemale32Baltimore, Maryland2300:47:00:00
24 Delin, RichardMale34South Salem, New York2400:47:01:00
25 Meehan, MaggieFemale42New York, New York2500:47:02:00
26 Hinkle, RicardoMale36New York, New York2600:47:36:00
27 Lazar, StevenMale22Brooklyn, New York2700:47:42:00
28 McMackin, MichelleFemale28Walpole, Massachusetts2800:47:53:00
29 Moody, PeterMale56Woodbury, Connecticut2900:48:16:00
30 Wilkins, TimMale31Brooklyn, New York3000:48:22:00
31 Malcolm, TomMale45New York, New York3100:48:36:00
32 Abrahams, HowardMale29New York, New York3200:48:39:00
33 Mccluskey, OrinMale48New York, New York3300:48:44:00
34 Cleary, SteveMale53HOLBROOK, New York3400:48:51:00
35 Yeomans, SusanFemale51Norwich, VT3500:49:03:00
36 Alford, JamieFemale22Brooklyn, New York3600:49:17:00
37 Mcdermott, MichaelMale29New York, New York3700:49:44:00
38 Durst, HelenaFemale22New York, New York3800:50:13:00
39 Bowman, SusanFemale43New York, New York3900:50:18:00
40 Nieves, JennyFemale22Jersey City, New Jersey4000:50:20:00
41 Burlot, SylvieFemale27New York, New York4100:50:30:00
42 Wells, JonathanMale34New York, New York4200:50:37:00
43 Brown, PaulMale44Brooklyn, New York4300:50:54:00
44 Rekoff, PaulMale40New York, New York4400:51:07:00
45 Zucker, HarrietFemale52Brooklyn, New York4500:51:20:00
46 Evans, ChrissieFemale24New York, New York4600:51:30:00
47 Bunting, GeraldMale34New York, New York4700:51:39:00
48 Ryther, CharlesMale42Oakdale, New York4800:52:03:00
49 Jordan, EuniceFemale36North Babylon, New York4900:52:08:00
50 Bolton, RichardMale58Greenwich, Connecticut5000:52:37:00
51 Mccarthy, JamesMale49New York, New York5100:53:22:00
52 Mcveigh, KatharineFemale40New York, New York5200:53:33:00
53 Depperman, WilliamMale57New York, New York5300:53:46:00
54 Seltzer, PaulMale47Dix Hills, New York5400:53:48:00
55 Samuel, StephanMale24New York, New York5500:54:07:00
56 Hartnett, JeanineFemale49New York, New York5600:54:11:00
57 Alfandary, FrancineFemale36New York, New York5700:54:24:00
58 Dornfield, GlenMale42New York, New York5800:55:10:00
59 Lavender, BrianMale44Rhinebeck, New York5900:55:39:00
60 Capoccia, DonaldMale44New York, New York6000:56:19:00
61 Guagnini, BernieMale74Harrison, New York6100:56:20:00
62 Huang, CharlesMale50New York, New York6200:56:28:00
63 , Female43New York, New York6300:57:10:00
64 Fyodorova, AnnaFemale18New York, New York6400:57:29:00
65 Anderson, LincolnMale35New York, New York6500:57:36:00
66 Brown, RichardMale34Commack, New York6600:57:45:00
67 Svennevik, DonnaFemale44New York, New York6701:07:00:00

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