Events Little Red Lighthouse Swim

Great Hudson River 2.8 Mile Swim (organized until 2004)

A 2.8 Mile swim from the 79th Street Boat Basin to Pier 62 at 23rd Street in Hudson River Park. The official finish line is at the south-east side of Pier 62.

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Berry, ChipMale27Alexandria, Virginia100:47:05:00
Wilkinson, JonMale29Portsmouth, New Hampshire200:47:10:00
Allen, RobbieMale35Louisville, Kentucky300:47:52:00
Steadman Martin, NancyFemale47Oceanport, New Jersey400:53:17:00
Bates, PennyFemale40STERLING, Virginia500:53:24:00
Johnson, AndrewMale36Farrell600:53:28:00
Joubert, KevinMale29Baltimore, Maryland700:53:29:00
Allison, BobbyMale30New York, New York800:53:51:00
Chalandon, GillesMale44New York, New York900:54:30:00
10 O'Connor, RoderickMale36New York, New York1000:54:40:00
11 Rossner, MikeMale36New York, New York1100:55:00:00
12 Rothbaum, MarkMale52Redding, Connecticut1200:55:38:00
13 Goldberg, BruceMale49New York, New York1300:55:40:00
14 Gianniny, BruceMale50rochester, New York1400:55:53:00
15 Fitzpatrick, SeanMale32Staten Island, New York1500:56:06:00
16 Valentin, RobertMale31Woodhaven, New York1600:56:18:00
17 Somma-Guido, VirginiaFemale36New York, New York1700:56:27:00
18 Caroccia, JenniferFemale19Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey1800:56:33:00
19 Nunez, RodolfoMale30New York, New York1900:58:05:00
20 Martinowicz, PaulMale44Brooklyn, New York2000:58:32:00
21 Jaenisch, CarolynFemale42Old Westbury, New York2100:58:36:00
22 Tyler, BrianMale41New York, New York2200:59:18:00
23 Lantz, JenniferFemale23Riverdale, New York2300:59:20:00
24 Kandell, CraigMale41New York, New York2400:59:28:00
25 Carena, LoriFemale47New York, New York2500:59:31:00
26 Taaffe, ChristineFemale23Washington, District of Columbia2600:59:33:00
27 Spearing, PatrickMale37New York, New York2700:59:39:00
28 Mustillo, MaddalenaFemale21Union, New Jersey2801:00:14:00
29 Racek, RobertMale25Brunswick, Maryland2901:00:50:00
30 Reeder, CindyMale38New York, New York3001:01:04:00
31 McLeroth, PatrickMale30Baltimore, Maryland3101:01:22:00
32 Vergara, R CristianMale43Brooklyn, New York3201:03:14:00
33 Fronduti, KarenFemale27New York, New York3301:03:18:00
34 Ashcroft, NeilMale39New York, New York3401:03:20:00
35 Malcolm, TomMale47New York, New York3501:03:33:00
36 Caroccia, DanielleFemale16Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey3601:03:42:00
37 Eckstein, HenryMale52New York, New York3701:03:44:00
38 Moody, PeterMale58Woodbury, Connecticut3801:03:53:00
39 Bixler, JimMale39Salisbury Mills, New York3901:03:57:00
40 Bowman, SusanFemale45New York, New York4001:04:07:00
41 White, JenniferFemale35Ann Arbor, Michigan4101:04:41:00
42 Piccoli, GiorgioMale17Ithaca, New York4201:04:50:00
43 Jensen, GregMale31New York, New York4301:04:53:00
44 Welensky, RachelFemale32New York, New York4401:04:55:00
45 Meier, JamesMale57New York, New York4501:06:55:00
46 Seely, RonaldMale35Brooklyn, New York4601:07:20:00
47 Rittman, FranFemale37Chappaqua, New York4701:07:29:00
48 Bolton, RichardMale60Greenwich, Connecticut4801:07:32:00
49 James, DavidMale45Brooklyn, New York4901:07:34:00
50 Wells, JonathanMale36New York, New York5001:08:31:00
51 Gac, ScottMale28New York, New York5101:08:35:00
52 Rice, GregMale43Brooklyn, New York5201:08:40:00
53 Barthold, NancyFemale39Douglaston, New York5301:08:49:00
54 Savino, PattyFemale38Northport, New York5401:09:42:00
55 Smith, PatrickMale42Northport, New York5501:09:50:00
56 Rabinovitz, JudyFemale47New York, New York5601:09:55:00
57 Smolen, DavidMale35San Francisco, CA5701:10:06:00
58 Dorado, ChrisFemale16Brooklyn, New York5801:10:07:00
59 Mbondo, KavataFemale23New York, New York5901:10:17:00
60 Sielaff, GeraldMale39Springfield, New Jersey6001:10:18:00
61 Georgiadis, FrankMale26Bayside, New York6101:10:31:00
62 Evans, ChrissieFemale26New York, New York6201:10:53:00
63 Seltzer, PaulMale49Dix Hills, New York6301:10:56:00
64 Stewart, RaymondMale55East Northport, New York6401:11:09:00
65 Bevington, SarahFemale31Brooklyn, New York6501:11:19:00
66 Roberts, SuzanneFemale33Manhasset, New York6601:12:30:00
67 Sperber, MarcMale46Dix Hills, New York6701:12:32:00
68 Navarro, JoeyMale33New York, New York6801:12:49:00
69 Cavanagh, LisaFemale39Astoria, New York6901:13:26:00
70 Parangi, RobertMale35Paramus, New Jersey7001:14:21:00
71 Nadolski, DavidMale33Hackensack, New Jersey7101:14:27:00
72 Steinberg, JohnMale51New York, New York7201:14:36:00
73 Traber-Fitzpatrick, HeatherFemale35New York, New York7301:15:25:00
74 O'Connor, MaryFemale45New York, New York7401:15:33:00
75 Schulman, MyronMale53Teaneck, New Jersey7501:15:44:00
76 Appen, BenjaminMale31New York, New York7601:16:32:00
77 Hoyle, PhilipMale23Springfield, Virginia7701:16:50:00
78 Bird, WilliamMale60NEWPORT, Rhode Island7801:17:22:00
79 Fairbanks, HillaryFemale32Brooklyn, New York7901:17:22:00
80 Guagnini, BernieMale76Harrison, New York8001:17:50:00
81 Jaffe, JosephMale37Geneva, New York8101:19:43:00
82 Anderson, LincolnMale37New York, New York8201:19:47:00
83 Smith, MikeMale42northport, New York8301:21:03:00
84 Owen, RandallMale41East Northport, New York8401:21:39:00
85 Dykeman, KathyFemale29New York, New York8501:22:02:00
86 Abair-baicich, BarbaraFemale51Astoria, New York8601:24:45:00
87 Mainger, TabithaFemale23Springfield, Virginia8701:26:55:00
88 Bloom, PeterMale48Putnam Vlley, New York8801:33:17:00

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