Events Manhattan Island Marathon Swim

Race for the River Swim

A 2.4 Mile swim from Pier 62 at 23rd Street in Hudson River Park on the West Side of Manhattan to the North Cove Yacht Harbor at the World Financial Center in the Hudson River. The official finish line is at the south-east side of North Cove Yacht Harbor. You may experience strong currents during the swim.

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Allen, RobbieMale34Louisville, Kentucky100:35:36:00
Wilkinson, JonMale28Portsmouth, New Hampshire200:35:37:00
Steadman Martin, NancyFemale46Oceanport, New Jersey300:37:01:00
Raffaelli, RyanMale23Arlington, Virginia400:37:14:00
Willett, ScottMale38New Paltz, New York500:37:18:00
Mccarthy, MelissaFemale32Jersey City, New Jersey600:40:54:00
Seely, RonaldMale34Brooklyn, New York700:40:56:00
Johnson, AndrewMale35Farrell800:41:32:00
Mcneil, DeanMale43New York, New York900:42:33:00
10 Dorado, ChrisFemale15Brooklyn, New York1000:42:39:00
11 Denny, JulieFemale33New York, New York1100:43:39:00
12 Coon, JeanneFemale24Barnegat, New Jersey1200:44:13:00
13 Malcolm, TomMale46New York, New York1300:44:16:00
14 Vilhauer, ThomasMale25Astoria, New York1400:44:59:00
15 Mcdermott, MichaelMale30New York, New York1500:45:03:00
16 Halterman, SteveMale33New York, New York1600:45:09:00
17 Meier, JamesMale56New York, New York1700:45:21:00
18 Tripp, AlexMale35New York, New York1800:45:32:00
19 Bixler, JimMale38Salisbury Mills, New York1900:45:58:00
20 Ryther, CharlesMale43Oakdale, New York2000:47:47:00
21 Khalil, MustafaMale42Cairo, Egypt2100:49:49:00
22 Biddulph, TedMale28Norristown, Pennsylvania2200:51:13:00
23 Chen, HowardMale33London, United Kingdom2300:51:17:00
24 Jaffe, JosephMale36Geneva, New York2400:52:13:00

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