Events Manhattan Island Marathon Swim

Little Red Lighthouse Swim

A 7.8 Mile swim from the Little Red Lighthouse to Chelsea Piers, Pier 62 at 23rd Street in Hudson River Park. The swim requires a major committment to proper training and open water experience. You may experience strong currents during the swim.

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Willett, ScottMale38New Paltz, New York101:27:00:00
Drum, ShawnMale30Bellport, New York201:27:19:00
Krut, BryanMale26Oakdale, New York301:27:42:00
Garcia, GuillermoMale14Washington, District of Columbia401:27:44:00
Rossner, MikeMale35New York, New York501:28:18:00
Valentin, RobertMale30Woodhaven, New York601:28:58:00
Steadman Martin, NancyFemale46Oceanport, New Jersey701:29:01:00
Sanchez, FreddyMale23New York, New York801:29:14:00
Armstrong, AaronMale29San Francisco, California901:29:59:00
10 Fitzgibbon, JeremiahMale43BEDFORD, New Hampshire1001:30:03:00
11 MacDonald, MarcellaFemale36Andover, Connecticut1101:30:17:00
12 Paine, BillMale40Malden, massachusetts1201:30:28:00
13 Woodhead, RoderickMale38Port Jefferson, New York1301:30:51:00
14 Rothbaum, MarkMale51Redding, Connecticut1401:31:01:00
15 Tangoren-Masood, MeryemFemale28New York, New York1501:31:04:00
16 Lloreda, CarlosMale46South Miami, Florida1601:31:35:00
17 Davidson, MichelleFemale30Neptune City, New Jersey1701:31:47:00
18 Mcneil, DeanMale43New York, New York1801:33:39:00
19 Johnson, AndrewMale35Farrell1901:33:43:00
20 Timoney, MichaelMale34New York, New York2001:33:51:00
21 Shaw, GregoryMale33Fair Haven, New Jersey2101:34:28:00
22 Kandell, CraigMale40New York, New York2201:35:07:00
23 Luch, RachelFemale19Chester, New York2301:35:20:00
24 Tyler, BrianMale40New York, New York2401:35:36:00
25 Edmunds, MarkMale34Bethesda, Maryland2501:37:38:00
26 Teeven, GerryMale42Coral Springs, Florida2601:38:20:00
27 Mustillo, MaddalenaFemale21Union, New Jersey2701:39:56:00
28 Weindling, AdrienMale28New York, New York2801:40:04:00
29 Spampinato, RobertMale53SMITHTOWN, New York2901:40:35:00
30 Bischofberger, AnnFemale27So. Huntington, New York3001:40:40:00
31 Blewitt, MarkMale33ACCRONGTON, LANCASHIRE, United Kingdom3101:41:10:00
32 Caroccia, JenniferFemale18Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey3201:41:29:00
33 Valentine-O'Bierne, LisaFemale35HUNTINGTON, New York3301:41:30:00
34 Finkelstein, MorrisMale50Greenwich, Connecticut3401:41:46:00
35 Wilkins, TimMale32Brooklyn, New York3501:41:51:00
36 Delin, RichardMale35South Salem, New York3601:41:54:00
37 Coon, JeanneFemale25Barnegat, New Jersey3701:41:55:00
38 Stone, AndrewMale29New York, New York3801:42:58:00
39 Sener, PatriciaFemale36Brooklyn, New York3901:43:28:00
40 Georgiadis, FrankMale25Bayside, New York4001:43:39:00
41 Zucker, HarrietFemale53Brooklyn, New York4101:43:45:00
42 Brown, PaulMale45Brooklyn, New York4201:43:47:00
43 Werner, JohnMale30Dorchester, Massachusetts4301:44:07:00
44 Dempsey, MarkMale41Richmond Hill, New York4401:45:12:00
45 Chalandon, GillesMale43New York, New York4501:45:45:00
46 Mcdermott, MichaelMale30New York, New York4601:48:35:00
47 Kang, SeMale30Sunnyside, New York4701:50:12:00
48 Caroccia, DanielleFemale15Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey4801:50:27:00
49 Barthold, NancyFemale38Douglaston, New York4901:52:48:00
50 Biddulph, TedMale28Norristown, Pennsylvania5001:54:40:00
51 Alexander, JenniferFemale26Stoney Creek, Ontario5101:54:41:00
52 Weber, PaolinaFemale32New York, New York5201:55:45:00
53 Biddulph, MilesMale25PARSIPPANY, New Jersey5301:57:03:00
54 Jordan, EuniceFemale37North Babylon, New York5401:57:07:00
55 Lavender, BrianMale45Rhinebeck, New York5501:57:17:00

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