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Ederle Swim

This is a low-key event, harkening back to the earlier days of open-water swimming, but there's nothing low-key about the challenges of following Gertrude Ederle's 17.5-Mile swim course from Battery Park to Sandy Hook, NJ. Recent swimmers have had to contend with severe chop, fog, and unseasonably warm temperatures as they made the crossing through New York Harbor, yet with today's knowledge of the tides, most participants cover the course faster Ederle's record, which lasted from 1925 until 2006.

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Ogren, LanceMale39New York, New York105:10:00:00
Fry, ElizabethFemale51Westport, Connecticut205:15:00:00
Miller, MichaelMale56Honolulu, Hawaii305:20:00:00
Steadman Martin, NancyFemale56Oceanport, New Jersey405:26:40:00
Osborn, LouMale50Leonardo, New Jersey505:28:30:00
Davidson, MichelleFemale40Neptune City, New Jersey605:32:00:00
Barra, DavidMale45High Falls, New York705:37:19:00
Burke, EileenFemale48New York, New York805:44:00:00
Carena, LoriFemale57New York, New York905:58:00:00
10 Siegel, MoMale59Piermont, New York1006:15:28:00

Withdrew Prior to Race Day