Events Manhattan Island Marathon Swim

Little Red Lighthouse Swim

This 5.85-Mile swim from 165th Street, within view of the Little Red Lighthouse, to Clinton Cove (Pier 96, at 56th Street), is one of our oldest and most popular events and features views of upper Manhattan and the Palisades. Thanks to the expected tidal assist, this is a great way to get started with longer-distance swimming.

This year's event is being held in conjuction with Shakespeare on the Hudson. After the swim, everyone is invited to an informal, pay-as-you-go dinner at P. D. O'Hurleys Bar & Grill at Pier 84 (West 44th Street).

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Fitzgerald, QuinnMale25New York, New York101:04:50:00
Humenik, JohnMale33Eighty Four, PA201:05:51:00
Monson, ChristopherMale26Seattle, Washington301:06:20:00
Guilfoyle, JosephMale15Pittstown, New Jersey401:06:21:00
Acton, JohnMale35Boca Raton, Florida501:06:23:00
Zorea, YairMale36Pardes Hanna, Israel601:07:38:00
Rossner, MikeMale43New York, New York701:07:58:00
Barra, DavidMale43High Falls, New York801:08:27:00
Klaasse, MatthewMale17Broadview Heights, Ohio901:08:44:00
10 Berman, LeeMale30Brooklyn, New York1001:08:53:00
11 Varner, DavidMale48Arlington, Virginia1101:09:13:00
12 Zweigenhaft, BurtMale56New York, New York1201:09:14:00
13 Lugo Steidel, AngelMale37Mayaguez, Puerto Rico1301:09:17:00
14 Steadman Martin, NancyFemale54Oceanport, New Jersey1401:09:27:00
15 Borgeson, HannahFemale36New York, New York1501:10:05:00
16 Kirmayer, KathrynFemale44Silver Spring, Maryland1601:10:16:00
17 Kelly, GregoryMale51Lawrenceville, New Jersey1701:10:24:00
18 Ogren, LanceMale37New York, New York1801:11:05:00
19 Ward, AnnekaFemale23New York, New York1901:11:40:00
20 Overley, JaesMale37Lake Waukomis, Missouri2001:11:41:00
21 Barratt, AnnaFemale15New York, New York2101:11:49:00
22 Hall, AliFemale47san Francisco, California2201:11:52:00
23 Osborn, LouMale48Leonardo, New Jersey2301:11:52:00
24 Block, MarkMale57Bronx, New York2401:11:55:00
25 McMahon, MartinMale45Simsbury, Connecticut2501:12:18:00
26 Herrick, CharlesMale48Sandy Hook, Connecticut2601:12:32:00
27 Lowy, KennMale51Brooklyn, New York2701:12:34:00
28 Page, MatthewMale31Harrison, New York2801:12:42:00
29 Bunin, JessicaFemale35New Windsor, New York2901:12:47:00
30 Clifford, RichardMale56New Rochelle, New York3001:12:48:00
31 Sullivan, JohnMale46Brooklyn, New York3101:12:49:00
32 Hauser, NicoleFemale31Norwalk, Connecticut3201:13:46:00
33 Wickiser, JohnMale38New York, New York3301:14:07:00
34 Alderson, ColleenFemale37New York, New York3401:14:10:00
35 Federman, AlexMale42New York, New York3501:14:18:00
36 Harrison, JanaFemale38New York, New York3601:14:29:00
37 Williams, KennonMale27Fort Lauderdale, Florida3701:14:38:00
38 Brethauer, AbbyFemale28New York, New York3801:14:39:00
39 Gurry, MattMale26New York, New York3901:15:01:00
40 Spearing, PatrickMale44New York, New York4001:15:22:00
41 Cyr, ChristineFemale30Brooklyn, New York4101:15:26:00
42 Goldberg, BruceMale56New York, New York4201:15:37:00
43 Lonsdale, DuncanMale45New York, New York4301:15:43:00
44 Rosencrantz, MikeMale38Jackson Heights, New York4401:15:45:00
45 Tsuboi, YutaMale35Tokyo & New York4501:15:54:00
46 Monohan, AndrewMale28Menlo Park, California4601:15:55:00
47 Antrim, TaylorMale34Brooklyn, New York4701:15:57:00
48 Wegert, IngalisaFemale31New York4801:16:09:00
49 Golub, RachelFemale32New York4901:16:13:00
50 Kohler, KateFemale34Durham, North Carolina5001:16:25:00
51 Monahan, JaimieFemale29New York, New York5101:16:27:00
52 Autry, StephenMale60The Villages5201:16:28:00
53 Harrison, RayMale54Chalfont, Pennsylvania5301:16:54:00
54 MacIntyre, ShamuMale57Atlanta, Georgia5401:17:00:00
55 Jaeger, KathleenFemale45New York, New York5501:17:09:00
56 Wojtas, JoeMale46Stonington, Connecticut5601:17:24:00
57 Conlon, JohnMale47Mystic, Connecticut5701:17:27:00
58 Samuel, ChrisMale47Stamford, CT5801:17:28:00
59 Tavella, SteveMale48Brattleboro, Vermont5901:17:29:00
60 Bright, JakeMale35New York, New York6001:17:32:00
61 Call, ElizabethFemale29Brooklyn, New York6101:17:32:00
62 Kuipers, JenniferFemale35Brooklyn, New York6201:17:32:00
63 Fisher, PeterMale59Brattleboro, Vermont6301:17:36:00
64 Piez, CatherineFemale44Washington, District of Columbia6401:17:49:00
65 Hentschel, AnneFemale39Rye, New York6501:17:50:00
66 Roberts, AndrewMale25York, England6601:17:55:00
67 Saunders, KevinMale46Altrincham, United Kingdom6701:17:57:00
68 Blumentals, WillyMale36Mahwah, New Jersey6801:17:58:00
69 Guilfoyle, MaryFemale45Pittstown, New Jersey6901:18:17:00
70 Lichtenwalter, KennMale43New York, New York7001:18:21:00
71 Valentine, EileenFemale41Silver Spring, Maryland7101:18:24:00
72 Hunt, AmandaFemale39Sydney, Australia7201:18:28:00
73 Rabito, PhilipMale41New York, New York7301:18:28:00
74 Osterneck, AlexMale43Philadelphia, Pennsylvania7401:18:30:00
75 Gibson-Rimer, LauraFemale29Toledo and Brooklyn7501:18:36:00
76 Rowden, JohnMale46New York, New York7601:18:38:00
77 Spiegel, StevenMale47Amherst, Massachusetts7701:18:41:00
78 Swoboda, SandyFemale44Berwyn Heights, Maryland7801:18:44:00
79 Carena, LoriFemale54New York, New York7901:19:08:00
80 Piez, JanetFemale55New York, New York8001:19:11:00
81 Hrabchak, JimmyMale15Princeton, New Jersey8101:19:13:00
82 Carr, WilliamMale39New York, New York8201:19:14:00
83 De la Houssaye, IsabellaFemale44Lawrenceville, New Jersey8301:19:15:00
84 Hillen, ChrisMale46Coppell, Texas8401:19:16:00
85 Szilagyi, BarnabasMale28New York, New York8501:19:19:00
86 Simmons, MatthewMale34New York, New York8601:19:29:00
87 Hottensen, JudithFemale51New York, New York8701:19:42:00
88 Lincoln, Laura BethFemale25New York, New York8801:19:47:00
89 Malick, JCMale26Wilmington, Delaware8901:19:52:00
90 Morrison, AlanMale46New York, New York9001:19:53:00
91 Bruckno, WesMale50Conestoga, Pennsylvania9101:19:58:00
92 Gallagher, AliceFemale50New York, New York9201:20:04:00
93 McKimmy, EmilyFemale32Trenton, New Jersey9301:20:13:00
94 King, PaulMale48Brooklyn, New York9401:20:24:00
95 Regan, LawrenceMale46Irvington, New York9501:20:39:00
96 GaNun, PaulMale37Fair Haven, New Jersey9601:20:41:00
97 Corddry, MikeMale36Winter Park, Florida9701:20:46:00
98 Peterson, RichardMale52Douglaston, New York9801:20:57:00
99 Bekkedahl, CarolynFemale48New York, New York9901:21:04:00
100 Walsh, DaveMale38Sydney, Australia10001:21:05:00
101 Carlson, JamesMale53Harrison, New York10101:21:12:00
102 Mcneill, CarolineFemale36Brooklyn, New York10201:21:29:00
103 Antulov, RobertMale45Yonkers, New York10301:21:35:00
104 Dzamba, EdMale28Kew Gardens, New York10401:21:40:00
105 Wu, AmyFemale32New York, New York10501:21:47:00
106 Goldberg, AdeleFemale29Flushing, New York10601:21:50:00
107 Loder, ScottMale58Lansdale, Pennsylvania10701:21:59:00
108 Ward, CassiahFemale29New York, New York10801:22:07:00
109 Joanen, ScottMale42New Orleans, Louisiana10901:22:09:00
110 Smith, LarryMale54Guttenberg, New Jersey11001:22:16:00
111 Bracaglia, SilverioMale56New York, New York11101:22:21:00
112 Wells, JonathanMale43New York, New York11201:22:25:00
113 Weinberg, EllenFemale47New York, New York11301:22:30:00
114 Heath, JoanFemale44Wilmington, Delaware11401:22:31:00
115 Hrabchak, SusanFemale46Princeton, New Jersey11501:22:54:00
116 Webb, WilliamMale40Oxford, Maryland11601:22:55:00
117 Schaetzlein, SonjaFemale31New York, New York11701:22:57:00
118 Danoff-Burg, JamesMale42Albany, New York11801:22:58:00
119 Hormozdi, StevenMale39New York, New York11901:23:03:00
120 Borok, JayMale45New York, New York12001:23:12:00
121 Sener, PatriciaFemale44Brooklyn, New York12101:23:26:00
122 Ciolino, MichaelMale52Little Falls, New Jersey12201:23:41:00
123 Van Reesema, FrisoMale32New York, New York12301:23:42:00
124 Maples, HeatherFemale35Putney, Vermont12401:23:51:00
125 Cole, AmyFemale42New York, New York12501:24:34:00
126 McGann, ThomasMale54Brooklyn, New York12601:24:50:00
127 Bravo, MargaretFemale41Pearl River, New York12701:25:04:00
128 Hluchyj, JohnMale48Liverpool, New York12801:25:10:00
129 Brook, SteveMale58Edgmont, Pennsylvania12901:25:34:00
130 Tuliao, MiriamFemale47Astoria, New York13001:25:55:00
131 Behnke, LeighFemale61New York, New York13101:25:56:00
132 Moore, AugustusMale43New York, New York13201:26:02:00
133 Katzeff, MarthaFemale56Bronx, New York13301:26:15:00
134 Goldstein, FrankMale57Livingston, New Jersey13401:26:24:00
135 Kaubisch, AndreasMale43New York, New York13501:26:28:00
136 Levit, LeonidMale57Staten Island, New York13601:27:06:00
137 Wolbert, JerryMale52New York, New York13701:27:19:00
138 Coyle III, JohnMale37Cold Spring Harbor, New York13801:27:21:00
139 Zuckerman, GaryMale51Princeton, New Jersey13901:27:44:00
140 Thaw, AllenMale49Brooklyn, New York14001:27:48:00
141 Cavanagh, LisaFemale46Astoria, New York14101:27:52:00
142 Kiely, KevinMale52Mt Arlington, New Jersey14201:27:57:00
143 Kennedy, TracyFemale57Hadley, New York14301:28:25:00
144 Durante, RobertMale49Brooklyn, New York14401:28:26:00
145 Conley, RyanMale36Hoboken, New Jersey14501:29:08:00
146 Ehrhardt, BernardMale65Brooklyn, New York14601:29:40:00
147 Djatiasmoro, CapriFemale57Brooklyn, New York14701:30:10:00
148 Eckstein, HenryMale60New York, New York14801:30:11:00
149 Maloney, KevinMale57Mamaroneck, New York14901:31:04:00
150 Mccormack, RobertMale70Brockton, Massachusetts15001:32:07:00
151 Porterfield, BillMale47Ridgewood, New Jersey15101:32:23:00
152 Beggins, GraceFemale36New York, New York15201:32:39:00
153 Thompson, KennethMale54New York, New York15301:35:29:00
154 Abair-baicich, BarbaraFemale58Astoria, New York15401:35:56:00
155 Goran, StevenMale50Poughkeepsie, New York15501:37:27:00
156 Frantz, DidierMale39New York, New York15601:38:29:00

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Withdrew Prior to Race Day