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Little Red Lighthouse Swim

The Little Red Lighthouse swim is a 7.8 Mile swim from the Little Red Lighthouse at the George Washington Bridge down the Hudson River and with the current to Hudson River Park, Pier 62 at 23rd Street in Hudson River Park.

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Garcia, GuillermoMale16Washington, District of Columbia101:33:42:00
Wilkinson, JonMale31Portsmouth, New Hampshire201:37:21:00
Mead, MalloryFemale16Culver City, CA301:42:31:00
Kawarazaki, FumihiroMale32Nagoya City, Japan401:42:33:00
Rogers, DanielMale32Lafayette501:42:55:00
Trias, CamilaFemale19Caracus, Venezuela601:43:02:00
Steadman Martin, NancyFemale48Oceanport, New Jersey701:43:23:00
Martin, ChristopherFemale26Princeton, New Jersey801:43:28:00
Johnson, AndrewMale37Farrell901:43:35:00
10 Metzger, WillMale49New York, New York1001:44:32:00
11 Davidson, MichelleFemale32Neptune City, New Jersey1101:44:52:00
12 Evans, GeorgeMale20New York, New York1201:45:10:00
13 Gaglio, RyanMale18New York, New York1301:45:12:00
14 Everitt, DeniseFemale49Marion, New York1401:46:04:00
15 Chalandon, GillesMale45New York, New York1501:46:31:00
16 Eccleston, LucyFemale21New York, New York1601:46:35:00
17 Sanchez, FreddyMale25New York, New York1701:46:47:00
18 Gianniny, BruceMale52rochester, New York1801:49:00:00
19 Nunez, RodolfoMale32New York, New York1901:49:16:00
20 Tangoren-Masood, MeryemFemale30New York, New York2001:50:06:00
21 Alderson, ColleenFemale31New York, New York2101:50:36:00
22 Mustillo, MaddalenaFemale22Union, New Jersey2201:50:45:00
23 Hannan, SeanMale16Clifton Park, New York2301:50:51:00
24 Gallagher, DouglasMale26New York, New York2401:50:57:00
25 Colaneri, JoannaFemale20New York, New York2501:51:09:00
26 Ashcroft, NeilMale40New York, New York2601:51:09:00
27 Boyle, DanMale36New York, New York2701:51:14:00
28 Barra, DavidMale35High Falls, New York2801:51:24:00
29 Spearing, PatrickMale38New York, New York2901:52:38:00
30 Semer, BruceMale35New York, New York3001:52:54:00
31 Mcneil, DeanMale45New York, New York3101:53:01:00
32 Waxman, JordanMale38Montreal, Quebec3201:53:03:00
33 Raymond, JoshuaMale36Somerset, New Jersey3301:53:32:00
34 Shearer, PeterMale35New York, New York3401:53:50:00
35 Caroccia, JenniferFemale20Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey3501:54:28:00
36 Vergara, R CristianMale44Brooklyn, New York3601:54:34:00
37 Horning, DavidMale54Stinson Beach, California3701:54:50:00
38 Magilligan, EileenFemale28New York, New York3801:55:49:00
39 Wortman, JeffreyMale57New York, New York3901:56:55:00
40 Sedgwick, PaulMale38Tewksbury, Massachusetts4001:57:00:00
41 Robison, PatriciaFemale46New York, New York4101:57:55:00
42 Reister, JohnMale53Hamilton, Ohio4201:57:56:00
43 Meier, JamesMale58New York, New York4301:58:43:00
44 Moffett, EricaFemale32New York, New York4401:58:54:00
45 Laughlin, TerrenceMale51New Paltz, New York4501:59:02:00
46 Edmunds, MarkMale36Bethesda, Maryland4601:59:10:00
47 Luckey, TomMale43Wantagh, New York4701:59:12:00
48 Malcolm, TomMale48New York, New York4801:59:15:00
49 Jansen, LeonardMale47Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania4902:00:22:00
50 Regan, LawrenceMale40Irvington, New York5002:00:53:00
51 Coon, JeanneFemale27Barnegat, New Jersey5102:01:59:00
52 Berger, RossMale30San Francisco, California5202:02:00:00
53 Maclean, TuckerMale29San Francisco, California5302:02:01:00
54 Kelleher, LaurieFemale26Katonah, New York5402:02:20:00
55 Clary, WilliamMale53East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania5502:02:45:00
56 Caroccia, DanielleFemale17Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey5602:03:01:00
57 Eckstein, HenryMale54New York, New York5702:03:06:00
58 Clearway, AjaeFemale31Brooklyn, New York5802:03:22:00
59 Bixler, JimMale41Salisbury Mills, New York5902:03:39:00
60 Szuflita, MichaelMale45Brooklyn, New York6002:03:42:00
61 Orenstein, DavidMale56Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania6102:04:03:00
62 Lira, AlenaFemale31New York, New York6202:04:31:00
63 Leary, PatrickMale34New York, New York6302:04:51:00
64 Shields, BarryMale50Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania6402:05:14:00
65 Yake, ArloMale55Dover, New Jersey6502:05:20:00
66 Tuliao, MiriamFemale41Astoria, New York6602:06:05:00
67 Stone, AndrewMale31New York, New York6702:07:07:00
68 Gregg, TracyFemale30Weehakwen, New Jersey6802:07:20:00
69 Kandell, CraigMale42New York, New York6902:07:21:00
70 Rozell, CaraFemale38Portland, Oregon7002:07:27:00
71 Glass, JasonMale25Boston, Massachusetts7102:07:49:00
72 Goldberg, AdeleFemale23Flushing, New York7202:08:22:00
73 Requenes, MinervaFemale29Tlalnepantla, MEXICO7302:08:50:00
74 Selby, AdrianMale39Irvington, New York7402:09:22:00
75 Keyser, BettyFemale47Pelham, New York7502:09:54:00
76 Barthold, NancyFemale40Douglaston, New York7602:10:15:00
77 Moran, BrianMale41New York, New York7702:12:21:00
78 Toner, MichaelMale61South Setauket, New York7802:12:40:00
79 Weinberg, EllenFemale41New York, New York7902:14:41:00
80 Hornstein, JoelMale32San Francisco, CA8002:15:19:00
81 Mccluskey, OrinMale51New York, New York8102:16:46:00
82 Levit, LeonidMale51Staten Island, New York8202:17:28:00
83 Jacobson, ClareFemale37New York, New York8302:17:54:00
84 Kiell, PaulMale71Far Hills, New Jersey8402:17:54:00
85 Dillin, BruceMale45Bayonnne, New Jersey8502:23:12:00
86 Abair-baicich, BarbaraFemale52Astoria, New York8602:24:51:00
87 Jackson, AndrewMale50College Point, New York8702:25:36:00
88 Cavanagh, LisaFemale41Astoria, New York8802:28:14:00

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