Events Little Red Lighthouse Swim

Race for the River Swim

A 2.4 Mile swim from Pier 62 at 23rd Street in Hudson River Park on the West Side of Manhattan to the North Cove Yacht Harbor at the World Financial Center in the Hudson River. The official finish line is at the south-east side of North Cove Yacht Harbor.

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Ein, HarryMale24Washington, District of Columbia100:36:03:08
Wassner, RebeccahFemale27New York, New York200:36:37:09
Steadman Martin, NancyFemale49Oceanport, New Jersey300:38:15:00
De Leon, LouisMale26Morris Plains, New Jersey400:38:35:00
Willett, ScottMale42New Paltz, New York500:38:40:07
Moore, SimonMale35New York, New York600:38:56:06
Chalandon, GillesMale46New York, New York700:39:14:08
Mcdowell, JohnMale26New York, New York800:39:51:03
Litovchenko, VitaliyMale38Ukraine900:39:59:03
10 Boyle, DanMale37New York, New York1000:40:07:06
11 Fishbein, HowardMale29New York, New York1100:40:10:09
12 Safranek, DouglasMale46Brooklyn, New York1200:40:24:09
13 Hannan, SeanMale17Clifton Park, New York1300:40:25:07
14 Allen, MichaelMale43New York, New York1400:40:28:06
15 Rothbaum, MarkMale54Redding, Connecticut1500:40:47:01
16 Walton, EarlMale30Brooklyn, New York1600:41:00:03
17 Schwartz, BonnieFemale24New York, New York1700:41:39:06
18 Nunez, RodolfoMale32New York, New York1800:42:22:05
19 Ulrich, StephenMale43Brooklyn, New York1900:42:41:08
20 Hannon, TomMale22Tuscon, Arizona2000:43:10:01
21 Paladino, LaurenFemale23Arlington, Virginia2100:43:42:07
22 McGowan, HughMale25New York, New York2200:44:11:03
23 Morgan, PrestonMale31Brooklyn, New York2300:44:18:09
24 Porter, JenniferFemale30New York, New York2400:44:25:06
25 Galitsky, RossMale42New York, New York2500:44:30:04
26 Somma-Guido, VirginiaFemale38New York, New York2600:44:30:06
27 Sullivan, JohnMale41Brooklyn, New York2700:44:33:07
28 Wallace, iii, KennethMale24New York, New York2800:45:05:06
29 Kooy, ElizabethFemale32Chicago, Illinois2900:45:18:04
30 Carena, LoriFemale49New York, New York3000:45:23:00
31 Kidd, WileyMale42New York, New York3100:45:41:09
32 Malcolm, TomMale49New York, New York3200:45:43:08
33 Racek, RobertMale27Brunswick, Maryland3300:45:50:02
34 Borok, JayMale40New York, New York3400:45:54:09
35 Payne, ClareFemale27Sydney, Australia3500:45:55:05
36 illick, josephMale68San Francisco, California3600:45:58:06
37 Rudnick, MikeMale32Brooklyn, New York3700:46:13:05
38 Hannon, KathleenFemale25San Francisco, California3800:46:18:04
39 Fine, HarveyMale30New York, New York3900:46:42:07
40 Myrvold, BarryMale47New York, New York4000:46:45:04
41 Hannon, DennisMale59Chandler, California4100:46:46:05
42 Delaney, JohnMale40New York, New York4200:46:49:06
43 Galbis, PioMale46Brooklyn, New York4300:46:57:02
44 Keall, SamuelMale31New York, New York4400:46:59:05
45 Octaviano, JoeyMale24New York, New York4500:47:00:00
46 Farber, JonathanMale36Brooklyn, New York4600:47:04:06
47 Ballard, BruceMale50Bronx, New York4700:47:07:09
48 Lichtenwalter, KennMale35New York, New York4800:47:11:00
49 Anixter, RussellMale44New York, New York4900:47:15:08
50 Silverman, AllieFemale20New York, New York5000:47:18:09
51 Kuipers, JenniferFemale30Brooklyn, New York5100:47:28:09
52 Woo, JacquelineFemale28New York, New York5200:47:36:07
53 Quintal, JohnMale43Boston, Massachusetts5300:47:42:09
54 Nagle, PerryMale38Milwaukee, Wisconsin5400:47:54:00
55 Steinbauer, DavidMale37Brooklyn, New York5500:48:11:08
56 Antulov, RobertMale39Yonkers, New York5600:48:18:02
57 Russo, ReginaFemale48White Plains, New York5700:48:32:00
58 Falkenstein, StephanieFemale29New York, New York5800:48:55:09
59 Batson, QuinnMale42New York, New York5900:49:17:07
60 Regan, LawrenceMale41Irvington, New York6000:49:20:06
61 Navarro, JoeyMale35New York, New York6100:49:39:07
62 Allen, JonathanMale32New York, New York6200:49:41:08
63 Vitols, SondraFemale39New York, New York6300:50:03:07
64 Hannon, PeggyFemale20Chandler, Arizona6400:50:09:05
65 Eckel, MarciaFemale38Kona, Hawaii6500:50:22:04
66 Cheng, FreddyMale27New York, New York6600:51:06:01
67 Bevington, SarahFemale33Brooklyn, New York6700:51:08:08
68 Dillman, Keri-NicoleFemale30New York, New York6800:51:12:06
69 Larsen, KristoforMale28Brooklyn, New York6900:51:38:07
70 Evans, ChrissieFemale27New York, New York7000:51:59:02
71 Barthold, NancyFemale41Douglaston, New York7100:52:01:03
72 Wilkins, TimMale35Brooklyn, New York7200:52:28:07
73 Keyser, BettyFemale48Pelham, New York7300:52:55:02
74 Weinberg, EllenFemale42New York, New York7400:53:03:06
75 Burzynski, JosephMale41New York, New York7500:53:14:08
76 Tuliao, MiriamFemale42Astoria, New York7600:53:35:06
77 Sokota, RobertMale39Ridgewoodn, New Jersey7700:53:39:05
78 Daly, JohnMale34New York, New York7800:53:49:03
79 McCraw, WilliamMale35New York, New York7900:53:54:03
80 O'connor, EdwardMale35New York, New York8000:54:21:01
81 Schuerman, MatthewMale35Brooklyn, New York8100:54:23:00
82 Bender, GregoryMale29New York, New York8200:54:31:07
83 Campelli, AndrewMale24New York, New York8300:54:36:05
84 McGarvey, MaryFemale45Long Island City, New York8400:54:40:04
85 Kennedy, TracyFemale52Hadley, New York8500:54:49:05
86 Mason Frazetta, MariaFemale39Astoria, New York8600:55:11:03
87 Finneran, KathyFemale58New York, New York8700:55:13:09
88 Behnke, LeighFemale56New York, New York8800:55:35:02
89 Crozier, WilliamMale61New York, New York8900:55:37:03
90 Fidel, VictorMale27New York, New York9000:55:41:05
91 Jaffe, JosephMale39Geneva, New York9100:55:51:07
92 Norton, JodiFemale29New York, New York9200:55:58:06
93 Campbell, MarilynFemale35New York, New York9300:56:05:04
94 Cavanagh, LisaFemale41Astoria, New York9400:56:35:03
95 Lee, CrystalFemale32Brooklyn9500:57:01:01
96 Mamani, SilvinaFemale30Queens, New York9600:57:21:00
97 Iacoviello, VitoMale37Brooklyn, New York9700:57:42:04
98 Fairbanks, HillaryFemale34Brooklyn, New York9800:57:54:06
99 Selby, AdrianMale40Irvington, New York9901:00:28:00
100 Shiu, WaicheongMale30Ridgewood, New York10001:04:15:05
101 Dillin, BruceMale46Bayonnne, New Jersey10101:08:16:01
102 Abair-baicich, BarbaraFemale53Astoria, New York10201:11:20:00

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