Events Manhattan Island Marathon Swim

Race for the River Swim

A 2.4 Mile swim from Pier 62 at 23rd Street in Hudson River Park on the West Side of Manhattan to the North Cove Yacht Harbor at the World Financial Center in the Hudson River. The official finish line is at the south-east side of North Cove Yacht Harbor. You may experience strong currents during the swim.

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Ein, HarryMale23Washington, District of Columbia100:33:40:00
Allen, RobbieMale36Louisville, Kentucky200:34:09:00
Wilkinson, JonMale30Portsmouth, New Hampshire300:34:15:00
Rabalais, ScottMale43Savannah, Georgia400:34:44:00
Wassner, RebeccahFemale26New York, New York500:35:49:00
Willett, ScottMale40New Paltz, New York600:36:11:00
Barker, VanessaFemale31New York, New York700:36:16:00
Malina, MattMale28New York, New York800:37:01:00
Rothbaum, MarkMale53Redding, Connecticut900:37:14:00
10 Steadman Martin, NancyFemale48Oceanport, New Jersey1000:37:31:00
11 Ashcroft, NeilMale40New York, New York1100:37:44:00
12 Joubert, KevinMale30Baltimore, Maryland1200:37:55:00
13 O'Connor, RoderickMale37New York, New York1300:37:57:00
14 Johnson, AndrewMale37Farrell1400:38:47:00
15 Keall, SamuelMale30New York, New York1500:38:50:00
16 Nunez, RodolfoMale31New York, New York1600:38:51:00
17 Curnutt, HeatherFemale28New York, New York1700:39:00:00
18 Moore, SimonMale34New York, New York1800:39:04:00
19 Mustillo, MaddalenaFemale22Union, New Jersey1900:39:13:00
20 Somma-Guido, VirginiaFemale37New York, New York2000:39:16:00
21 Kurian, GeraldMale27New York, New York2100:39:17:00
22 Fochios, DeanMale48New York, New York2200:39:20:00
23 Tyler, BrianMale42New York, New York2300:39:46:00
24 McGrane, PeterMale28Floral Park, New York2400:40:13:00
25 Bothwell, DorothyFemale47Jackson Heights, New York2500:40:15:00
26 Racek, RobertMale26Brunswick, Maryland2600:40:42:00
27 White, JenniferFemale37Ann Arbor, Michigan2700:40:47:00
28 Moxham, PeterMale32PADDINGTON, Australia2800:40:54:00
29 Octaviano, JoeyMale23New York, New York2900:41:09:00
30 Borgeson, HannahFemale30New York, New York3000:41:14:00
31 Carena, LoriFemale48New York, New York3100:41:16:00
32 Boyle, DanMale36New York, New York3200:41:22:00
33 Malcolm, TomMale48New York, New York3300:41:29:00
34 Sullivan, JohnMale40Brooklyn, New York3400:41:32:00
35 Vergara, R CristianMale44Brooklyn, New York3500:41:37:00
36 Hinkle, RicardoMale39New York, New York3600:41:54:00
37 Gac, ScottMale29New York, New York3700:41:58:00
38 Osborn, JamieMale30New York, New York3800:42:10:00
39 Bixler, JimMale40Salisbury Mills, New York3900:42:25:00
40 Clearway, AjaeFemale31Brooklyn, New York4000:42:50:00
41 Engle, ThomasMale42Alexandria, Virginia4100:42:55:00
42 Napakh, ElliotMale29New York, New York4200:43:03:00
43 Orr, MichaelMale41Appleton, Wisconsin4300:43:06:00
44 Borok, JayMale39New York, New York4400:43:29:00
45 Moody, PeterMale59Woodbury, Connecticut4500:43:57:00
46 Jensen, GregMale32New York, New York4600:43:57:00
47 Regan, LawrenceMale39Irvington, New York4700:44:05:00
48 Jones, AlisonFemale35New York, New York4800:44:16:00
49 Wells, JonathanMale37New York, New York4900:44:19:00
50 Osgood, ChrisMale25New York, New York5000:44:41:00
51 Anixter, RussellMale43New York, New York5100:44:44:00
52 Shiller, ReneeFemale27New York, New York5200:44:46:00
53 Navarro, JoeyMale34New York, New York5300:44:51:00
54 Isleib, DanMale32Bedford, New York5400:44:54:00
55 Taqqu, JonathanMale25New York, New York5500:44:55:00
56 Karnowski, AnnaFemale23Astoria, New York5600:44:56:00
57 Hogg, JasonMale32New York, New York5700:45:02:00
58 Rochford, JeffMale41New York, New York5800:45:05:00
59 Martin, FrancoisMale25Larchmont, New York5900:45:07:00
60 Eckfeldt, BruceMale30New York, New York6000:45:20:00
61 Marrott, BarbaraFemale39Fort Lee, New Jersey6100:45:39:00
62 Szuflita, MichaelMale45Brooklyn, New York6200:45:42:00
63 James, DavidMale46Brooklyn, New York6300:45:45:00
64 Dely, ShanaghFemale28San Francisco, California6400:45:59:00
65 Toner, MichaelMale61South Setauket, New York6500:46:05:00
66 Pigliacampo, AnthonyMale22Dillsburg, Pennsylvania6600:46:07:00
67 Bunting, GeraldMale37New York, New York6700:46:20:00
68 Nagle, RobinFemale41New York, New York6800:46:23:00
69 Eckstein, HenryMale54New York, New York6900:46:27:00
70 Rodriguez, MichaelMale29Burlington, Massachusetts7000:46:58:00
71 McCraw, WilliamMale34New York, New York7100:47:02:00
72 Archibold, RandalMale36New Rochelle, New York7200:47:13:00
73 Lombardo, GaryMale31Woburn, Massachusetts7300:47:17:00
74 Kissinger, ThomasMale40NORWALK, Connecticut7400:47:39:00
75 Leach, JeffMale29Riverside, Connecticut7500:48:00:00
76 Howson, MatthewMale35Maplewood, New Jersey7600:48:10:00
77 O'connor, BillMale55San Diego, California7700:48:36:00
78 Khalil, MustafaMale44Cairo, Egypt7800:48:40:00
79 Smolen, DavidMale36San Francisco, CA7900:48:41:00
80 Hornstein, JoelMale32San Francisco, CA8000:48:44:00
81 Ashbahian, VincentMale51New York, NY8100:49:10:00
82 Letowt, LidaFemale39Stratford, Connecticut8200:49:28:00
83 Barthold, NancyFemale40Douglaston, New York8300:49:31:00
84 Weinberg, EllenFemale41New York, New York8400:49:53:00
85 Cavanagh, LisaFemale40Astoria, New York8500:50:49:00
86 Appen, BenjaminMale32New York, New York8600:51:00:00
87 Behnke, LeighFemale55New York, New York8700:51:09:00
88 Crone, MarkMale35Astoria, New York8800:51:30:00
89 Schlate, JurgenMale60Fairfield, Connecticut8900:51:54:00
90 Orlando, TomMale42New York, New York9000:52:59:00
91 Thompson, KennethMale48New York, New York9100:53:11:00
92 Jacobson, ClareFemale37New York, New York9200:54:10:00
93 Kennedy, TracyFemale51Hadley, New York9300:54:11:00
94 McGarvey, MaryFemale42Long Island City, New York9400:54:23:00
95 Perry, PatriciaFemale66Seaford, New York9500:58:44:00
96 Iacoviello, VitoMale36Brooklyn, New York9600:59:03:00

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