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    Gindhart, ColeMale22Cibolo, Texas100:34:03:00
    Dwass, SimonaFemale17New York, New York200:35:03:00
    Chalandon, GillesMale57New York, New York300:36:25:00
    Sacco, SarahFemale20Hamilton, NJ400:36:26:00
    Suhich, MeaghanFemale25Lebanon, OH500:36:55:00
    Trager, BenjaminMale28Brooklyn, NY600:37:21:00
    Royer, JohnMale31Annapolis700:37:23:00
    Kaplan, ErnstMale17East Brunswick, New Jersey800:37:23:00
    Hall, AliFemale52san Francisco, California900:37:24:00
    10 Meany, DebbieFemale45west orange, New Jersey1000:37:42:00
    11 White, EmilyFemale31Brooklyn, New York1100:37:45:00
    12 Harting, MattMale35Brooklyn, New York1200:38:00:00
    13 Hao, JessicaFemale20Windsor, ON1300:38:11:00
    14 Bojesen, AndreasMale38Guttenberg, New Jersey1400:38:17:00
    15 Samuel, ChrisMale53Stamford, CT1500:38:21:00
    16 Walters, MicheleFemale39Washington, District of Columbia1600:38:26:00
    17 Jones, MeganFemale34New York, New York1700:38:28:00
    18 Ratzan, JohnMale39New York, New York1800:38:31:00
    19 Rees, MattMale46McLean, Virginia1900:39:14:00
    20 Maguire, RoseFemale39New York, New York2000:39:17:00
    21 Lichtenwalter, KennMale49New York, New York2100:39:26:00
    22 Chang, JeremyMale17New York, New York2200:39:27:00
    23 Shine, StephenMale60Briarcliff Manor, New York2300:39:31:00
    24 Yach, DerekMale58Cape Town, South Africa2400:39:35:00
    25 Nunez, RodolfoMale43New York, New York2500:39:37:00
    26 Bright, JakeMale40New York, New York2600:39:40:00
    27 Goldberg, BruceMale62New York, New York2700:39:42:00
    28 Hauser, NicoleFemale37Norwalk, Connecticut2800:40:08:00
    29 Van Koll, BasMale42Brooklyn, New York2900:40:14:00
    30 Dean, HannahFemale31Washington, District of Columbia3000:40:45:00
    31 Sern, GarretMale45Washington, District of Columbia3100:40:51:00
    32 Laws, BenMale38Washington, District of Columbia3200:41:02:00
    33 Alonso, RocioFemale32Bogota, Colombia3300:41:05:00
    34 McSpiritt, JamesMale53New York, New York3400:41:07:00
    35 Carena, LoriFemale60New York, New York3500:41:10:00
    36 Overley, JaesMale43Lake Waukomis, Missouri3600:41:11:00
    37 Caretto, CarloMale28New York, NY3700:41:13:00
    38 Lipton, ZahavaFemale28Astoria, New York3800:41:26:00
    39 Nuttall, SeanMale35Astoria, New York3900:41:29:00
    40 Mikhail, SamehMale35New York, New York4000:41:33:00
    41 McCabe, KathrynFemale36Arlington, Virginia4100:41:37:00
    42 Purcell, JessicaFemale34New York, New York4200:41:41:00
    43 Valdes, VanessaFemale55Calgary, Canada4300:41:42:00
    44 Lewis, ClayMale28Vashon, WA4400:41:43:00
    45 Rundlet, TravisMale43New York, New York4500:41:54:00
    46 Fenemore, JohnMale43London4600:41:56:00
    47 Matheson, DanielMale39Brighton, Australia4700:42:01:00
    48 Lowy, KennMale57Brooklyn, New York4800:42:10:00
    49 Glomb, MarcMale51san francisco4900:42:20:00
    50 Needleman, JoshuaMale48Bronx, New York5000:42:22:00
    51 Cohen, HildaFemale44Brooklyn, New York5100:42:49:00
    52 Henry, OlenaFemale24Brooklyn, New York5200:42:58:00
    53 Frain, JackMale59Allenwood, New Jersey5300:43:22:00
    54 Kaledin, NickMale58New York, New York5400:43:23:00
    55 Boyles, AbeeFemale37Durham, North Carolina5500:43:28:00
    56 Kay, MichaelMale52Buenos Aires, Argentina5600:43:46:00
    57 Antisdel, TomMale42Washington, District of Columbia5700:43:48:00
    58 Duan, XuMale49front royal, Virginia5800:43:51:00
    59 Topp, MikeMale55New York, New York5900:43:52:00
    60 Berckmann, KarenFemale40Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania6000:43:56:00
    61 Robinson, BrianMale47Brooklyn, New York6100:43:57:00
    62 Hughes, ErinFemale28Bayonne, New Jersey6200:43:59:00
    63 Martinez, RicardoMale43New York, New York6300:44:04:00
    64 Radouane, NabilMale37Collegeville, Pennsylvania6400:44:05:00
    65 Cataldo, MarceloMale42Paraguay6500:44:10:00
    66 Candon, DoreenFemale55Long Beach, New York6600:44:19:00
    67 Nguyen, Ba-KhoiMale34Montreal6700:44:27:00
    68 Cruz, JoaquinMale53Fajardo, PR6800:44:28:00
    69 Wells, JonathanMale49New York, New York6900:44:43:00
    70 Schall, ThomasMale59New York, New York7000:44:46:00
    71 Hughes, DeirdreFemale29Bayonne, New Jersey7100:44:47:00
    72 McAlevy, Mary GraceFemale50Fairfax, Virginia7200:44:48:00
    73 Ramirez, JudyFemale56Toms River, New Jersey7300:44:49:00
    74 Harrison, ChristineFemale30Alexandria, Virginia7400:44:52:00
    75 Overley, MelanieFemale40Lake Waukomis, Missouri7500:44:58:00
    76 Jones, CatrinFemale37Carmarthen7600:44:59:00
    77 DeVeaugh-Geiss, AngelaFemale37New York, New York7700:45:02:00
    78 Harting, BrianMale38Robesonia, PA7800:45:07:00
    79 DeJongh, PatriceMale42Lille, France7900:45:20:00
    80 Hook, CaroleFemale32London8000:45:35:00
    81 Meier, JamesMale70New York, New York8100:45:48:00
    82 Szilagyi, BarnabasMale34New York, New York8200:45:57:00
    83 McCormack, KathleenFemale43Clinton, New Jersey8300:46:05:00
    84 Abramowitz, KennethMale47Tenafly, New Jersey8400:46:06:00
    85 Hyldgaard, MichaelMale49Brooklyn, New York8500:46:43:00
    86 O'Donnell, EdmundMale59New York, New York8600:46:44:00
    87 Rogers, AlisonFemale44New York City, New York8700:46:46:00
    88 McMahon, LenaFemale36Brooklyn, New York8800:46:49:00
    89 Ter Haar, MarcMale47Huizen8900:46:53:00
    90 Ivan, JohnMale51Marlton, New Jersey9000:46:58:00
    91 Neuberger, AndyMale47Mount Kisco, New York9100:47:01:00
    92 Feit, DavidMale40New York, New York9200:47:08:00
    93 Sagan, MargaretFemale35New York, New York9300:47:13:00
    94 Mulvey, KevinMale26new york, New York9400:47:27:00
    95 Swartz, MarkMale53New York, New York9500:47:40:00
    96 Kessel, BenjaminMale29Brooklyn, New York9600:47:43:00
    97 Drinkwater, ErinFemale34Brooklyn, New York9700:47:43:00
    98 Vellucci, MarieFemale65Staten Island, New York9800:47:44:00
    99 Vitarelli, DougMale48New York, New York9900:47:44:00
    100 Yoon, Jae SangMale41Closter, New Jersey10000:48:03:00
    101 Dawson, MD, GeorgeMale60New York, New York10100:48:11:00
    102 Gambirazi, WilsonMale62Sao Paulo, Brazil10200:48:12:00
    103 Hofstee, MikkelMale45Maarssen10300:48:16:00
    104 Selig, RoniFemale54New York, New York10400:48:18:00
    105 OConnell, ChrisMale39Brooklyn, New York10500:48:40:00
    106 Spindler, DavidMale27Reading, UK10600:49:08:00
    107 Fang, MarkMale46New York, New York10700:49:16:00
    108 Bohan, PatrickMale58long beach, New York10800:49:18:00
    109 Newman, ThomasMale46New York, New York10900:49:38:00
    110 Lo, Tsai Tse JoshMale37Astoria, New York11000:49:56:00
    111 Anthony, DavidMale47New York, New York11100:49:57:00
    112 Babiak, GeorgeMale57New York, New York11200:50:07:00
    113 Jones, StephenMale50Mahwah, New Jersey11300:50:09:00
    114 Duffy, PatrickMale52New York, New York11400:50:13:00
    115 Sheehy, JohnMale49New York, New York11500:50:33:00
    116 He, JingweiMale26China11600:50:50:00
    117 Lindemann, SarahFemale33Dallas, Texas11700:51:02:00
    118 Ichimoto, DanMale41Takamatsu, Japan11800:51:21:00
    119 Seiler, StephanieFemale40Sunnyside11900:51:30:00
    120 Ovits, MordechaiMale37Brooklyn, New York12000:51:32:00
    121 Thoen, MelissaFemale35New York, New York12100:51:38:00
    122 Chappell, AishaFemale32New York, New York12200:51:41:00
    123 Turnage, WillMale38Brooklyn, New York12300:51:45:00
    124 Clifford, ChristenFemale43Jackson Heights, New York12400:51:51:00
    125 Pavlicova, MartinaFemale42New York, New York12500:51:53:00
    126 Rosenzweig, SolomonMale39Brooklyn, New York12600:52:30:00
    127 Swoish, DouglasMale59Saint James, New York12700:53:17:00
    128 Ferguson, JamesMale58Brightwaters , New York12800:53:29:00
    129 Abdelnoor, BryanMale31Brooklyn, New York12900:53:35:00
    130 Stage, FrancesFemale63New York, New York13000:53:49:00
    131 Gurfein, JoshuaMale46New York, New York13100:54:07:00
    132 Linnane, KathleenFemale39New York, New York13200:54:21:00
    133 Brown, PaulMale59Brooklyn, New York13300:54:22:00
    134 Bardin, RachelFemale29New York, New York13400:54:39:00
    135 Hyder-Darlington, LouiseFemale53Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania13500:54:51:00
    136 Eng, TomMale42Robbinsville, New Jersey13600:55:03:00
    137 Camacho, DavidMale37New York13700:55:12:00
    138 Lambert, WadeMale53Brooklyn, New York13800:55:31:00
    139 Hartnett, JeanineFemale63New York, New York13900:55:39:00
    140 Peker, IlgarMale53New York, New York14000:55:44:00
    141 Kaufmann, MichaelMale54Patchogue, New York14100:55:51:00
    142 Toly, Claude-NoelleFemale54France14200:56:05:00
    143 Pollak, SusanFemale57Harrison, New York14300:56:33:00
    144 Neumann, TedMale56Brooklyn, New York14400:56:37:00
    145 Greenberg, PaulMale46New York City, New York14500:56:45:00
    146 Weinberg, EllenFemale53New York, New York14600:57:07:00
    147 Sullivan, GregMale55Sloatsburg, New York14700:57:55:00
    148 Schall, KarinFemale52New York, New York14800:58:03:00
    149 Smith, AnikaFemale33Worcester, Massachusetts14900:58:07:00
    150 Wong, Hang Kei SimonMale28Coral Spring, FL15000:58:35:00
    151 Ehrhardt, BernardMale71Brooklyn, New York15100:58:56:00
    152 Gietz, HilaryFemale32Brooklyn, New York15200:59:22:00
    153 Frietchen, ChristineFemale44Brooklyn, New York15300:59:26:00
    154 Djatiasmoro, CapriFemale62Brooklyn, New York15401:00:58:00
    155 Getz, ArleneFemale55Port Washington, New York15501:00:59:00
    156 Kalvar, LarryMale64long beach, New York15601:01:06:00
    157 Applegate, EricMale51Belle Mead, New Jersey15701:01:07:00
    158 Ahumada, JoseMale33New York, New York15801:01:17:00
    159 Goran, StevenMale56Poughkeepsie, New York15901:04:02:00
    160 Choi, J.Female40New York, New York16001:08:19:00
    161 Behnke, LeighFemale67New York, New York16101:10:36:00


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