Course Description

    Swimmers will enter the water by jumping from the Water Taxi dock at the Christopher Street Pier (Pier 45) in Hudson River Park. The dock is a considerable height -- please be prepared to move quickly as there will be many swimmers trying to enter the water at the same time. After the race horn sounds, swim parallel to the pier (.15 mile) out into the Hudson while keeping the race marks to your left. Race marks should be to your left the entire event. You will swim approximately 15 yards past the end of the pier before making a left turn around the orange race mark to begin swimming south. The current will be moving slowly against you so that you will be able to set yourself up to sight the entire course’s race marks all the way down to North Cove Yacht Harbor.

    Swimmers should keep the orange race marks to their left the entire event and should not swim any further than 10 yards away from the race marks as they pass. [Race Mark Locations] Swimming out in the middle River will give you no advantage as the race is timed to occur during the transition from the flood to the ebb. Accordingly, staying in line with the race marks will be the most efficient line to the finish. If you find yourself swimming amongst the motorboats, you are too far out and will be disqualified for being off course.

    If you follow the race marks all the way down you will easily avoid the hazards associated with the ends of Pier 40, the Holland Tunnel vents, and the new ferry terminal in Battery Park. After clearing the large ferry terminal, swimmers will turn at the next race mark (yellow) and follow the remaining marks into the marina.

    Upon entering North Cove Marina, swimmers will finish at the pontoon boat attached to one of the finger piers near the center and right/southern portion of the marina.