As increasing numbers of swimmers jump into the waters around Manhattan each year, interest in the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim continues to rise. A perennial favorite of solo swimmers chasing the coveted Triple Crown of Marathon Swimming (MIMS, English Channel, Catalina Channel), the event has also become a huge draw for relay teams seeking a chance to swim one of the most memorable marathon courses in the world. Last year we added a second MIMS to the schedule: the Manhattan Island Relays.

    A field limited exclusively to 4 and 6 person relays will allow teams to know exactly who (and where) their competition is, and the warmer water temperatures will be much friendlier to team members who may not have the cold water training and racing experience of many of the June solo swimmers.

    Tentative enrollment dates for the 2013 Manhattan Island Relays can be viewed here.

    Date:08/10/2013 (Saturday) 
    Distance:28.5 M 
    9:55 AM  
    Time Limit:9:30 hours 
    Field Size:18 4- or 6-person relays. More details here.
    (11 Currently Enrolled - Enrollment Closed) 
    Fees:4-person Relay
    $2,400 December 15, 2012 December 31, 2012
    $2,500 January 1, 2013 March 1, 2013
    $2,600 March 2, 2013 June 1, 2013

    6-person Relay
    $2,500 December 15, 2012 December 31, 2012
    $2,600 January 1, 2013 March 1, 2013
    $2,700 March 2, 2013 June 1, 2013

    Note: The race fee includes the boat fee, which is based on a fuel price estimate of $2.65 per gallon. If fuel prices at the time of the swim are higher than that base amount, a fuel surcharge will be assessed. The most recent fuel surchages were in 2011 ($165) and 2008 ($165). 
    Age Requirement:19 years and over (Younger swimmers may be accepted based on swimming experience). 
    Experience Requirement:Qualification requirements for 4- and 6-person relays are located here
    Predicted Water Conditions:Approximately 73.0 °F to 79.0 °F (23.0 °C to 25.7 °C). There can be a substantial amount of chop in the water from wind, tide action, and boat traffic. The waterways are salt water and there is shipping traffic. There may be random jetsam and flotsam in the waterways. 
    Previous Year's Water Temp:78.26 °F (25.7 °C) on 08/10/2012
    76.10 °F (24.5 °C) on 08/10/2011
    74.12 °F (23.4 °C) on 08/10/2010
    75.38 °F (24.1 °C) on 08/10/2009
    78.08 °F (25.6 °C) on 08/10/2008 




    Amy Bolger


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