Just in time for triathlon season, come experience this spectacular course and location! Tentatively scheduled for June 23, three weeks before the extremely popular NYC Triathlon, here's a chance to practice open water swimming and race transitions. This fun and challenging multi-sport event combines a 1.5-km swim in the water off Manhattan from Randallís Island Park and a flat, fast, scenic shoreline 5-km run in the shadow of four bridges, and with breathtaking views of the Hell Gate and the East River.

    Don't run? Enroll in the swim-only race on the same day (formerly known as the Riverside Park Tune Up Swim) or help out as a volunteer.

    Date:06/23/2013 (Sunday) 
    Distance:Swim 1.5 K / Run 5 K 
    Predicted Water Conditions:Approximately 65.0 °F to 77.0 °F (18.6 °C to 24.5 °C). Swimmers wearing wetsuits/non-traditional swim attire for the swim-only event will not be eligible for awards in this year's race; those wearing wetsuits/non-traditional swim attire for the aquathlon event will be eligible for awards. The full wetsuit policy can be viewed here.

    There can be a substantial amount of chop in the water from wind & tide action. The waterways are salt-water and there is shipping traffic. There may be random jetsam & flotsam in the waterways.