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Open Water Swim Clinic

For the second year in a row, NYC Swim will present Open Water Swim clinics to help prepare you for your first or fastest open water finish. Participants must sign up for all sessions at their level.

Level I - Basic Open Water Swimming consists of three sessions (3 Tues. evenings: July 5th, 12th, & 19th) and is designed for those who have no previous open water experience. The course culminates in session 3 with a 1-mile open water race simulation. Level 2 - Advanced Open Water Swimming consists of 2 sessions (2 Wednesday evenings: July 6th & 13th) and is designed for those who have previous open water experience and who want to enhance their open water race skills.

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Date:07/05/2005 (Tuesday) 
Check In:
6:00 PM by the River Project, Pier 25 and Pier 26  
6:30 PM Hudson River Recreation Path between Pier 25 and Battery Park City 
Directions to Start: courtesy of
  NYC Swim
Time Limit:1 hour 
Field Size:Minimum enrollment of 12; maximum enrollment of 24. (32 Currently Enrolled - Enrollment Closed) 
Fees:Level One (3 sessions): $140
Level Two (2 sessions): $110
Open Water Simulation Only: $40 (On a space available basis, individuals may enroll for the 1-mile open water swim simulation on 7/19 if they meet experience req. for Level One.) 
Age Requirement:15 years and over 
Experience Requirement:Safety concerns require us to ensure that every participant in a NYC Swim swim event has adequate swim experience; thus we have set certain qualifying standards for participation in each of our events. Your registration for a NYC Swim event is not complete until the NYC Swim receives acceptable evidence of your qualifying swim. The experience requirements for participating in the Open Water Swim Clinics are as follows:
Level I: Documented completion of a continuous 1/2 mile (or longer) pool swim in the past two months. A letter of verification must be faxed to 212-784-6850. The letter must be on Pool Management stationery using the form found here. The information must include the length (in yards or meters) of the pool, the number of laps you swam, your timed results, and the signature of the lifeguard who witnessed your qualifying pool swim. The letter of verification must be provided at least 14 days prior to the first meeting of the clinic that you have registered for.
Level II: Documented completion of an open water swim of .9 mile (1.5 km) or greater in the past two years. If this swim was a NYC Swim event, please confirm that your NYC Swim profile refects your swim(s). If your qualifying swim was a non-NYC Swim event, please add the event to your profile. You must include the following information: a url link to the race results, your timed result, your finish place, and the total number of swimmers who finished.
Open Water Swim Simulation: Those indviduals who are registering for only the Open Water Swim Simulation must meet the same experience requirements as those who are registering for the entire clinic. 
Predicted Water Conditions:Approximately 70-74 degrees. Wetsuits may be worn. There can be a substantial amount of chop in the water from wind and tide action. The waterways are salt-water and there is shipping traffic. There may be random jetsam and flotsam in the waterways. 
Previous Year's Water Temp:Not Available on 07/05/2004
Not Available on 07/05/2003
Not Available on 07/05/2002
Not Available on 07/05/2001
Not Available on 07/05/2000