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Posted online: Monday, 07 July 1997

The 17 individual and 30 relay team swimmers in this year's race represent a broad age range (from 21 to 54) and occupations (teacher to attorney to economist). But they all share a common love of swimming and have competed in other open water swims prior to challenging the MIMS. The majority of them are participating in the MIMS for the first time.

Here's a look at this year's entrants:


--Duncan Adamson, of Stamford, CT, is 27 and a client service manager. He has completed five mini-triathlons, winning three.

--Antonio Arguelles, of Mexico City, Mexico, is 38 and an economist. He has completed open water swims of 10 miles and six hours in Mexico.

--David Boudreau, of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, is 38 and a chief financial officer. He has completed the Swim Around Key West (12.5 miles) and recently swam 11 miles across Lake Lanier, GA, site of several Olympic events last year.

--Laura Burtch, from San Francisco, CA, is a psychotherapist and swim instructor. She has swum across the English Channel (21 miles) and completed the 12.5 mile "Around the Island" swim in Coronado, CA.

--Tom Clarke-Nolan, from Lancashire, England, is 54 and a sales manager. He has swum the English Channel and also completed the 48-mile "Lochness" relay race in Scotland.

--Laurence Hoffman, of Fairfield, CT is 49 and an attorney. He is a veteran of MIMS, having completed the race the last two years. He has also completed the Candlewood Lake, CT swim (10.5 miles) 11 times.

--Joe Hutto, of Long Valley, NJ is 45 and a sales manager. He has completed the Swim Around Key West and the Chesapeake Bay Swim (6.5 miles).

--Benn Kramer,of West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is 40 and a property manager. He is a real veteran of MIMS, having completed it 12 times previously.

--David Kramer, of Winter Springs, FL, is 22 and a swimming coach. He has completed open water swims of at least three miles in Hawaii, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Barbados and Florida.

--John Langton, Jr., of Woburn, MA, is 30 and a newspaper advertising executive. A Gulf War veteran, he swam 1,000 laps in a pool in January 1997 to raise money for fellow Gulf War veterans who are ill. He has also completed the 10.5 mile Boston Light swim.

--Jim Mellon, of Hilo, HI, is 34 and an educational administrator. He has completed more than 10 open water swims in Hawaii.

--David Quartermain, of Manchester, England, is 34 and a sports development officer. He has completed races of 16.5 miles and 12 miles in the United Kingdom.

--Loretta Riscombe-Burton, of Kent, England, is 41 and a postal worker. She has completed a solo swim and two relay swims across the English Channel.

--Bill Reichle, of Cranford, NJ, is 49 and a teacher/coach. He has completed the Swim Around Key West and smaller open water swims from Hawaii to New York State.

--Kris Rutford, of Lincoln, NE, is 37 and a certified public accountant. He won the MIMS in 1992 and 1993. He holds the men's record for the swim of 5 hours, 53 minutes, 57 seconds (5:53:57), which he accomplished in the 1992 swim.

--Jamie Tout, of Austin, TX, is 43 and a revenue agent with the IRS. He has completed six previous MIMS and has also successfully swum the English Channel.

--Tammy van Wisse, of Victoria, Australia, is 28 and a motivational speaker. She has completed many marathon swims, including the English Channel (twice) and the Gulf of Toroneos(Greece). She represented Australia in the World Championships in 1991 and at the World Cup in 1992.


--The Johns Hopkins Life Preservers "A" team, from Baltimore, MD, includes captain Viki Altomonte, 47, who completed the MIMS solo in 1995, Lynn Anderson, 21, Ned Daly, 52, Thomas Horn, 40, Maureen Rohrs, 41 (who swam the MIMS solo in 1995), and Joanna Zeiger, 27.

--The Johns Hopkins Life Preservers "B" team, also from Baltimore, includes captain Allen Kampf and Jerry Casper, Steven Feldstein, Dave Hunt, Mark Swanlund and Betsy Walmer.

--The Green Mountain team, from New York, NY, includes captain Anthony Squire, 47, and Roy Geronemus, 44, Anthony Reino, 41, Stephen Savage, 30, Boris Talan, 31, and Robert Valentin, 27.

--Team Chiropractic, from northern New Jersey, includes captain Rob DeStefano, 34, and Frank Gazzillo, 24, Christopher Gebhardt, 24, Paul Lewandowski, 39, Greg Thompson, 29, and Ira Wolf, 54.

--The Morning Green 7:15 team, from New York, NY, includes captain Orin Mccluskey, 46, and Lauren Frank, 31, Samuel Jemal, 38, Martin Mcmahon, 34, John Pier, 35, and Cedric Tuck-sherman, 35.